by James Hufferd, Ph. D., Coordinator           911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     A mere half-dozen years ago, to suggest an international conspiracy of “plutocrats” and “Zionists” or “banksters” and collaborative great industrialists and weaponizers were secretly behind a widening swath of seemingly bizarre, violent and only sometimes subtle, consistently hurtful U.S. policies, foreign and domestic, would be to elicit guffaws and knowing, amused looks from anyone serious, culturally conditioned as we all are to discount conspiracies and spectacularly anti-human plots. No longer to any great extent is there such denial of what’s become, despite media silence, almost obvious – that at least is progress.

Today, all surveys show the tightly controlled media itself with its frequent improbable, made up narratives is increasingly being ignored and set aside by people in general, largely because it refuses, in determined lock-step from network to network to news rag, to acknowledge and accurately report the devastating effect on our national life, here and in other western nations, of a number of, in effect, establishment-promoted things. Of the stupendously increased constantly growing concentration of wealth literally into a very few hands, of the induced rapid diminishment of even guaranteed rights, the continuance and increase of brutality and force by invoking ever more-powerful mass-destruction weapons against dissenters here, and more so to annihilate invented and strategically-designated “enemies” and their kin at massive public expense non-stop around the world despite frequently attested overwhelming opposition at home, the steady stream of lies and deceptions regarding and impacting all of the above, and the ignoring of the expressed desire of the populace to rethink, to stop or moderate the trauma and madness. So it is that the state, dedicated to achieving the controllers’ interest alone, its true purpose a dark and not discussed, but no longer deep secret, is also no longer anywhere close to universally trusted or believed in. More progress.

Why do the seemingly-sincere members of the media and their go-to “knowing” sources consistently lie and fail to investigate or even think deeply to disclose on the public’s behalf? In some cases, it’s maybe that the press/broadcast media really “just don’t get it”. Their understanding doesn’t go beyond what’s served to them on a platter or a “fact” sheet. Usually, it’s a lot more likely that they fail to report truthfully or objectively about matters of state policy because they can’t without being squelched and sacked on the spot for insubordination, scuttling their own carefully-constructed lives and betraying their dependent families.

And now, miraculously, the credibility with the public of what we call the “New World Order’s” loud-speaker-like ubiquitous mouthpiece has, at last, suddenly more-or-less bottomed out. Even though control via the linked chain from top to bottom of what used to be called, in another realm, aparatchiks – dependent employees and operatives of the top, controlling few and their cabal, including functionaries within the stolid media who know the rules and repeat and exploit the material provided, remains as tight and unbroken as ever: still, as always, extending and cleaving to the glorious narrative and tried and “true” body of myth, propaganda, and frozen institutional reaction, faithful to provided templates often at variance with the ascertainable reality.

On the foisted brutal, lamebrained and hair-raising oversees policy, the shaping of which the public has no part. And on its violent landscape of enforcement of the precepts of the controlling, manipulating few (whose temper or persona is not to be confused with that of the non-imperious live-and-let-live vast majority of the American people), the latter are tired to death of all the rather embarrassing and, frankly, childish global intrigue, the rank political kabuki and increasingly-obvious misrepresentation. Thus, in largel part, the dark malaise of bored resignation, leading to misplaced anger, we all encounter. The establishment media, not surprisingly, for their personal welfare depends upon it, still operate in sync with the rest of the controlling elite’s human machinery, this great chain of being, including soldiery and reps up to the visible top that produces the materiel, wars, bribery, and browbeating, and apologetic ordered higher up, the truth and lives and aspirations of all others everywhere be damned. And when it all comes apart – as it will – then, we’ll have to put the pieces back together into a more broadly-sustaining whole.

Fortunately, an alternative, independent media, as infiltrated, bribed, censored, and downright screwball as a large part of it is, now exists in early form, mostly online, providing at least somewhat of a counterbalance of less-compromised, more objective reporting and information for those intrepid enough to avail.

Unfortunately, there is virtually no organization or inta-coherence within this relatively responsible media for the truth, seemingly limiting its effectiveness.

The currently raging battle-to-the-death I am alluding to, of course, involves on one side the establishment and its bought and paid-for literally billions of its successfully duped and utterly dependent adherents worldwide, pushing (with such initiatives as the practical elimination of national borders, weakening of personal economic self-sufficiency to foster dependence on central authority, imposed regulations to exert governmental control in crucial areas of decision-making, shutting down of any non-conforming thought or debate that might crop up, routine and extraordinary manipulation by false-flag deception and misdirection, violent punishment likewise of nations that don’t adhere for the purpose of maintaining their own independence, etc.). The forceful part of this program of globalization is mounted behind the engine of the elite-controlled and uber-militant United States (or, for another couple of billion of the earth’s people, behind the separate elite-controlled authoritarian engine of China instead). The programming and organizational part of the central control program is coordinated by a plethora of foundations and the United Nations, with its attendant councils and commissions, mostly products of the New World Order plutocratic cabal in a prior phase.

Arrayed against world consolidation under control and guidance of the world’s banksters/financiers (real gangsters who don’t mind ruining or ending the lives of up to billions for their own gain) are those of us devoting our lives to freedom, standing against the oncoming tide of top-down, locked-in technocratic control of everybody and everything globally, for the sake of an entitled, stifling custodial few aspiring absolute rulers, deciders and beneficiaries. Our task in opposition is daunting; but we’re infinitely more than they if enough people value their freedom.

     It so happens, still at this writing, that major segments of the world population sometimes successfully revolt against the hard mandates of the unelected elite tightly-consolidated pushers of globalism of the few directing and controlling the many. Such revolts led, first, to the vote to withdraw the United Kingdom from the working proto world government, the EU, to recover their independence, in what was labeled “Brexit” = Britain’s exit. And second, to the election of President Donald J. Trump in the U.S. – not, by and large, because The Donald was viewed in a particularly favorable light, but to stymie the imposition of the elite controllers’ candidate, Hillary R. Clinton, their handmaiden, as president.

The elite were shaken by these related repudiations, and are not about to accept such impertinence from the public of their most-instrumental puppet states – which is why they insist on Trump being taken down now! By means legal and civil or not. Same with Brexit. They’re trying to force and manipulate an illegal second vote in the UK, with the controlled media 100% on their side, there as here.

Interestingly, the much-maligned conservative Fox News Network in the U.S., which more than tends to support Trump on partisan grounds, while the elite and the rest of the major media try mightily to oust him from the largely figurehead position atop the government, has picked up his rhetorical cue and likewise recognizes and loudly opposes the entrenched “Deep State”, in fact the American vanguard of the forces of globalization. And yet, Fox News, along with the rest of the controlled media, remains gung-ho for militarism and the spreading, perpetual rash of overseas wars “to protect the Homeland”. This, to the extent of likewise lying to the public about non-existent U.S. victories, especially of late in Syria against ISIS (which the CIA/Pentagon founded and continue to support while Russian air power cleaned up on them over loud, furious American wails of protest, preventing the U.S. from taking over and dismembering the country).

Donald Trump’s major, fatal flaw, to assess alongside his apparent considerable stimulation of the U.S. economy – something badly needed – and resistance to the strong pressure, here and abroad, for virtually unlimited immigration, stems from his seeming addiction to listening to Israel, the global elite’s wholly-owned Mideast puppet, and Netanyahu’s unceasing demands for imperial war throughout the Arab region. (As described in my previous article Trump Good and Bad.).

My recommendations:

1)    More communication between and attempted coordination among the various true alternative media outlets, perhaps leading to specializations, more effective promotion, and special, if agreed to, assigned projects.

2)    Promotion of a wider or general recognition of the greatest enemy of freedom and individuality (which is the active globalization conspiracy of the world elite), and that we are at this moment gaining traction against it in important ways. And means of combatting it. Because people need to know.

JH: 1/18/18