Chuck Frank


(photo: Sweden on fire)

It wasn’t very long ago when President Obama created an agenda to usher in thousands upon thousands of immigrants from various war torn countries, of which many thousands were Muslims, yet only around 6% were Christians. While the horrors of war and terrorism ravaged Syria, the one-sidedness of refugee admissions and favoritism was allowed, all the while the main stream news(MSM), once again looked the other way and interestingly enough, so did Congress. But why? With that much spread between two very different religions, it is more than likely that there was an ulterior motive. Just start by connecting the dots.

As one delves deeper into the agenda, a person finds that various organizations in the U.S. have participated through the years with the influx of migrants.  Refugee status and admission to any country is presently determined by the United Nations. Most persons who enter the U.S.

refugee admissions program are identified and referred for resettlement in the U.S. by the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR), or a U.S. embassy, or an approved humanitarian aid organization.

Christian charities that are part of the program also profit from Muslim refugee resettlements which also makes them largely responsible for the kind of program that was used during the Obama administration. Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, and several other Christian organizations are profiting from lucrative contracts. Thus there is a huge incentive by charities to help place refugees into various cities across the U.S.  even when the refugees are not vetted properly. Mayors of various cities, through the years, were anxious to cater to these refugees as those city governments would be receiving state and/or federal money for the resettlements that would take place in their communities.

However, in spite of the good will attached to the main refugee program, all is not well in various communities across America and the world.

On December 13, 2017 there was a giant migrant cover up when an American woman in Minneapolis was walking home from work but was suddenly overtaken by a Somali migrant, injuring her deeply with knife wounds all over her body.  She barely survived the event while the news media remained silent. Censorship of migrant news is alive and well.

Still another city, St. Cloud Minnesota and its surrounding areas are reeling from Middle Eastern and/or African immigrants who have no intention of assimilating while these persons are intent on getting as much free assistance as possible from taxpayers through government assistance. St. Cloud has become the dumping grounds for an unofficial population of Somalis up to the tune of 25,000. And from the stark realty of Minnesota’s early fur trading days, there is now a war going on in St. Cloud as the Somali community is very up front about how much they hate Americans to where American women are continually harassed by Somali men and boys.

City dwellers now say that people don’t feel safe, all the while a great divide that has now infiltrated St. Cloud and its surrounding areas has been attributed to a sinister scheme that is meant to fracture the community so that there is no unity. In the meantime, this refugee community, and many of which who are Muslims, run rough shod over a German, Scandinavian, Christian sector which has been around for two centuries or more.

Likewise, California, which was just made the first sanctuary state by Governor Brown and the legislature, is already experiencing an immigration epidemic of rape, robbery and assault just as it is in Minnesota and Europe. These grave acts of irresponsibility are of the highest humanitarian concern, while at the same time, these elected leaders have rejected the voice of the people and have chosen utter chaos to where the breakdown of moral values such as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is but an unlearned lesson for them that is a nearly  forgotten passage that was written a very long time ago in a very special book

Thankfully, the hard immigrant lessons have already been learned by Sweden. There were seven bombings in twelve days back in October of 2017. Yet, the country has finally awakened to the hard realty while recognizing their own lack of judgment, and as Sweden burns, the country is presently deporting tens of thousands of unruly Muslim immigrants back to their own Arab world, of which one of those countries happens to be Afghanistan. If this isn’t a wake up call for America then what will finally open the eyes of the people?

Concluding, how much desert sand is left in the hourglass before the final meltdown begins? Meltdown you may ask? It is called chaos, martial law and the end of the U.S. Constitution and the protected rights of the people.