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Whistleblowers! is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit July 27-29 in Washington D.C.

Join us Thursday evening as talk with Maurice Copeland, a 32 year employee of the Honeywell Bannister Facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

Although employees were told that they were in no danger from the toxic chemicals they worked with, the deaths from cancers of all kinds among employees has topped 2000. Family members are also affected with cancers of all kinds. In 2010, investigators were lied to repeatedly by management at the facility about the conditions for work and the resulting illnesses and deaths While congress feigned shock over this revelation, nothing was ever done to mitigate the epidemic within the facility. Seven years later, sick employees still fight for compensation as do the families of employees.

Maurice will talk about the coming destruction of the now defunct plant, and the uncontrollable dispersing of contaminated debris that will blanket the Kansas City area. The new plant that was built in the center of Kansas City is said to be non-nuclear….a bald faced lie!