Join us Monday evening January 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Open Mic Night

Join Marti Oakley, Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin……and whoever else wants to join in!!

Join us this evening as we discuss the growing genocide of the elderly and the disabled. We will also be discussing the use of electric shock not only on the elderly, but also on children and young adults with autism.

Hospitals now employ on-staff guardians to prevent second opinions or to discharge patients when the medicare/medicaid time clock is exhausted. doctors now employed directly by the hospital (hospitalists). These hospitalists are not concerned with patient safety or care. Their primary job is to increase hospital profits.

Children are particularly vulnerable to this system. Valuable for genetic research, they are also the guinea pigs for medical research and experimentation. The elderly are simply viewed as disposable and something that needs to be gotten out of the way.