The New Power Hour
with Dr. Joanne Conaway BSN, RN, ND

Marti Oakley will be interviewed by Dr. Conaway BSN, RN, ND On Tuesday January 2, 2018 from 8-10 a.m. on The New Power Hour on GCN Radio.

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Dr. Joanne Conaway BSN, RN, ND is a practicing Health and Wellness Consultant, author and talk radio host bringing you cutting edge information to empower each of you to take your control back and live a healthy and informed life!

Author of:
Why Is America So Sick
You Are What You Digest


Fiery and outspoken radio host, journalist and activist Marti Oakley will joining Dr. Conaway this morning to discuss senior abuse, guardianship abuse and enlighten others about the dangers of hospice care. Hear the dangers we all face from these issues and the nefariousness afoot as our loved ones are placed in these situations. You will be shocked to learn how fast total control is snatched out of the family’s hands by government and others who value money over care.

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