Sam Jojola

USFWS Special Agent (retired)


SCI the NRA and other alliances

These are very strong alliances that have had considerable historical and present influence over Congress regarding their unified agendas. Other lesser known organizations that support hunting and trophy hunting with SCI and the NRA are the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Wild Sheep Foundation.

These groups are completely unified in their focus and cause. Other opposition animal and wildlife conservation organizations could be more formidable and much more influential if they worked more closely together as a coalition if they followed the template that works for SCI, the NRA and other related entities.

It is an example of the “United we stand, divided we fall” philosophy that makes them so successful in their endeavors whether you support or don’t support these agendas.

Conservation NGOs should focus on coalition concept on key wildlife issues

It is often mentioned in articles over the years that SCI and the NRA are a very small special interest group and how can they be so successful in pushing through their unified agenda in support of trophy hunting across the globe. It appears they often advance ahead of those conservation groups that collectively have greater numbers.

Opposing conservation organizations could really learn from that concept to pursue long term protections for animals and wildlife across the globe. Some are working together on certain wildlife issues, but more need to unify collectively to make a difference if imperiled wildlife resources are going to have future protection, particularly in the legal arena.

Only two (2) animal protection groups, The Humane Society of the United States and The Fund for Animals filed a lawsuit against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in August this year for the decision to prematurely remove ESA protections for the Grizzlies in the GYE. I wonder why no other animal protection groups joined these two outstanding organizations in this suit. No doubt there are many reasons.

Politics, Poaching, Greed, Jealousy and Mistrust kills wildlife protection opportunities

Politics and political meddling into true science based observations and data will destroy imperiled wildlife species. All imperiled amphibian, avian, fish, plant, reptile, timber and wildlife species will be further compromised by poaching and poaching syndicates here and across the globe without a huge collective effort by the U.S. Government and NGOs.

Greed, jealousy and mistrust are real killers for wildlife and wildlife protection that goes across the board from all opposing sides. It reminds me of a time in the early 1990’s when I was privy to a conversation between two big time trophy hunters who were discussing how one of them killed a record class trophy mule deer and how a colleague of theirs was spreading rumors that the deer was poached. The trophy hunter who killed the mule deer remarked “Today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy”.

Very profound statement that also rings true within certain circles of the wildlife preservation community. Unfortunately, sometimes conflicting agendas and egos get in the way of working together to make a truly positive difference in a collective unified front.

Sometimes it boils down to “just us” instead of “justice” for God’s creatures.

Thoughts on Donations to Animal and Wildlife NGOs

Google “Top Wildlife NGOs to donate to in 2017” and you will find these links:

Check out the other links below the above ones. The real key issue to check is the percentage of your donation that goes directly to conservation and what goes to administrative costs and salaries which will take more research.

Some of my personal favorite charities not mentioned are GOAL Tribal Coalition, Last Chance for Animals, Social Compassion In Legislation, WildAid and Wyoming Wildlife Advocates.

Sam Jojola

USFWS Special Agent (retired)

My job, my mission, the reason I’ve been put onto this planet, is to save wildlife”

-Steve Irwin (1962-2006)