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TS Radio: Merry Christmas From All of Us!

Join Marti Oakley, Luanne Fleming, Carly Walden, Brian Kinter, Randal Stone, Gloria Helman, Debbie Carrol as we broadcast the last show of 2017 on TS Radio. This will be recap of the year and what we hope to achieve in 2018.

We will be back after January 1, 2018 hopefully rested and refreshed and ready to continue the battle for families. Merry Christmas to all!







Hidden Truth Revealed Radio: Luanne Fleming with:

Gloria Helman: What’s On Your Mind  &  Debbie Carrol: The Fourth Branch

Brian Kinter:  Judicial Accountability Movement (JAM)

Carly Walden: Hospice Patients Alliance

Randal Stone: Future Of Our Children Radio