Current Hearing Schedule:
Case No. A-17-758506-C
Location: Department 10, Clark Co. Regional Justice Center
12/21/2017 Status Check (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Jones, Tierra) IN-CAMERA REVIEW
12/21/2017 Motion for Judgment (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer Jones, Tierra)
LAS VEGAS: Guardianship exploitation victim Jason Hanson will appear on Thursday, Dec. 21 at 9:30 AM in Dept 10 of Clark County District Court to hear Judge Tierra Jones’ ruling as to whether his case should be dismissed based on the statute of limitations, or continue on to trial by jury.
Defendants argue that Hanson should have filed his lawsuit against his guardians and trustees/attorneys in 2007 upon his 18th birthday, but instead waited until 2016 to file suit following his testimony before the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission, at which time Hanson argues that he, for the first time, realized he had been severely taken advantage of and misrepresented by court appointed private guardians and trustees.


 At a previous hearing, Judge Jones ordered Family Court videos of Jason appearing in 2007 before Guardianship Hearing Master Jon Norheim when Hanson requested, and was refused, a court paid for attorney. Judge Jones reviewed the court videos to determine if Hanson was able at that time to understand the proceedings, and if so, realize he should file a lawsuit then, not years later.

Last week, attorneys for Clark County contacted Hanson’s attorney to offer a settlement of $4,500 in exchange for Hanson agreeing to release Public Administrator John Cahill from the case.  Hanson expressed no interest in accepting their offer based on Cahill’s granting the title of Hanson’s late father’s 1,200 square foot ADA equipped condominium in a gated community to private guardian Jared E. Shafer.  Upon receiving title,

Shafer sold the condo without Jason Hanson’s permission for only $47,000, this after Cahill estimated the value to be $170,000. Shafer is accused of not reporting the sale to the court, and keeping the proceeds.
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