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Hosted by Debbie Dahmer
Guest will be: Elizabeth Walker– White Coat Waste Project- Press Secretary

White Coat Waste Project is a 501(c)(3) bipartisan coalition of 400,000+ liberty-lovers and animal-lovers opposed to the government’s wasteful spending on animal experiments. Our mission? To stop $15 billion in taxpayer-funded animal experiments. National Review calls it a “refreshing consensus-building argument.” Our work has been profiled by Washington Post, Science, US News & World Report, FOX News, LA Times, TheBlaze, Associated Press and Daily Caller.

Urge your Congress members to cosponsor the Preventing Unkind and Painful Procedures and Experiments on Respected Species (PUPPERS) Act (H.R. 3197) to stop taxpayers’ money from being spent on the VA’s wasteful and cruel dog experiments.

***CALL TO ACTION*** http://www.whitecoatwaste.org/contact-congress/#/



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