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Hosted by Marti Oakley, with Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin and Carly Walden


HOSPICE:  Once the good Samaritan in healthcare, now the GRIM REAPER.

Tonight we will be talking with Carly Walden of “HOSPICE PATIENTS ALLIANCE”.   What you don’t know about the new Hospice could kill you and is intended to do just that.

From: Hospice Patients Alliance

What to Look For

Whatever your particular situation, if your loved one is NOT getting the services needed, if the hospice is trying to talk you into transferring your loved one to their facility against his or her will, if your loved one is NOT being kept comfortable, if there is inadequate staff and you are getting exhausted while caring for your loved one, you must demand that the hospice provide the services needed to meet the needs of the family and patient, whether living at home or in any facility. The law requires the hospice to meet the needs of the patient and the family!

What to Do

It is crucial that you read all the printed literature, documents and contracts you have with the hospice. These pamphlets, brochures, contracts and papers must (by law) inform you of your rights to the various services available through the hospice. Most patients and families do NOT read all this literature, and thereby they lose their greatest protection from exploitation…KNOWLEDGE OF THE REQUIRED SERVICES. Knowing what services are required to be provided will allow you to make informed decisions about the care your loved one receives. Knowing what services are required will help you protect your loved one from exploitation.

If you are not getting the services needed to meet the patient’s and the family’s needs, you need to speak with the RN case manager. If you get the runaround or sophisticated excuses, you must demand to speak with the hospice’s Medical Director and Manager. If you still do not quickly get proper action to correct the problem, put a complaint in writing and send it to your State’s Bureau of Health Systems (which is responsible to inspect the hospice) immediately and also give a copy to the hospice.

You may use the form provided on this website to make a complaint:
Click here for Complaint Form

You can count on the hospice to move quickly to correct the situation if you actually put a complaint in to the State. If you believe there is actual fraud occurring, do not hesitate to contact both the U.S. Office of Inspector General and your regional U.S. Attorney’s office. They will investigate your case and may find confirmation of long-standing patterns of hospice fraud. For direct links to the OIG and U.S. Attorney’s Office/Department of Justice, see the section within this website for “Links to Put in a Complaint about Hospice Fraud.”