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Whistleblowers! is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Annual Summit, in Washington D.C.

Our guest is Thomas Raney:

We will be discussing the creeping genocide in America, brought to you courtesy of the UN Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) .  The intent is to reduce fertility, IQ, and to cause life time illnesses for which no cures can be “found”.  Vaccines?  How many have to be permanently injured or die from these toxic injections before you understand you are being INTENTIONALLY infected with mutated viruses, bacterium, molds, fungi, and heavy metals along with the dna of non-related species before you realize what is actually being done to you?

Medical murder:  It is now standard practice to withdraw nutrition and hydration from living human beings and to drug them into a stupor so they dont disturb the staff at the facility they have been warehoused in?  Why can the state, and now medical practitioners, murder people they have deemed “disposable” while you would be in prison for doing the same thing?

Medical euthanizing of human beings is taking place every day across the country.  Where are those Bible banging churches?  Where is the outrage from this supposed Christian nation?