CBS12 Investigates: Government failures cause nursing home nightmares

Airs at 11:00 pm est on Friday -Nov 10th, 2017.  Veterans Day…CBS12 Investigates uncovered reports of true horror stories happening at nursing homes across the country that by law should have been reported to the police.

My wonderful and caring mother- Patricia Dahmer was interviewed with other victims family of Wrongful Death, Neglect, and Abuse in Nursing Homes.  What my father- George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler from WWF/WWE went through was Totally Unacceptable, Injustice, Cruel, Vicious, and Unbelievable.  

My father is not alone.. It’s time to draw the line and do something.Contact your State Reps and Senators to TAKE ACTION!  (202) 224-3121 {Press 1} for Senator and {Press 2} for State Rep. Put your zip code in.. You can call 24/7. After hours leave a voicemail.

No One should go into any Health Care Facility and get Abused, Neglected, or which it leads to Unnecessary Pain and Suffering or results in wrongful death…

  • Patricia Dahmer says her husband of 49 years died because the nursing home didn’t properly care for him.
  • “It was very depressing. All they could say was, ‘We’ll take care of him,’ but they didn’t,” Dahmer said.
  • White House Comment Line (202) 456-1111
  • Families for Better Care  
  • Foundation Aiding the Elderly
  • All Elderly should be Treated with Dignity and Respect! One day Soon we will all be the elderly if God is willing!  We are the Elderly’s Voices and Must be heard..  Please continue to Sign this Campaign Petition and Invite Friends to Sign!  We Are the Elderly’s only Hope to Carry on! Elder Rights should be GRANTED not VIOLATED!  The more action takers the faster changes will be made..Agree or Disagree?~ Chief White Owl’s Law*** Stiffer Laws and Harsher Penalties for Nursing Homes *P*E*T*I*T*I*O*N*  Plz Sign & Invite Friends.