By: The Cowtown Foundation Inc.

Corey Lea


The DC District Court, Judge Paul Friedman, has devised a plan with the Former Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, to defraud Taxpayers out of $400,000,000. The USDA entered into a deal to settle claims against Socially Disadvantaged Farmers. However, the Agency, USDOJ and Judge Friedman have breached the contract agreement. In short, there is $400,000,000 that is left from Congressional Funds that was appropriated for this settlement.

The ultimate goal was drive small farms out of business and to make sure the affected farmers were financially crippled, so that they could not defend their rights in any court of law. Congress mandated that the farmers that were class action members were entitled to a hearing before the USDA’s Administrative Law Judge. If successful, the farmer would receive full debt relief, which included the farm ownership loans. However, only one farmer out of 22,000 eligible farmers received debt relief of farm ownership loans.

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law, The Claims Resolution Act. This Act strictly forbids the Secretary of Agriculture from misusing the money that was appropriated to settle the claims of the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers. In addition, the Claims Resolution states that any excess money must be returned to the treasury. The 2008 Farm Bill also states that the Secretary of Agriculture cannot come back to Congress to get any more money for the settlement.

So the Department of Justice, The USDA and Judge Friedman are attempting to circumvent the Claims Resolution Act by having the District Court to give away the excess money to various groups instead of paying it to the farmers that it was appropriated by Congress for.

The current administration won the campaign on the slogan “Drain The Swamp” and now that the wrongdoing has been identified. What is the President plan to do about it? This is an effective way to reach across the aisle and unite America.

    TREATMENT OF REMAINING FUNDS.—If any of the funds appropriated by subsection (b) are not obligated and expended to carry out the Settlement Agreement, the Secretary of Agriculture shall return the unused funds to the Treasury and may not make  the unused funds available for any purpose related to section 14012 of the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008, for any other settlement agreement executed in In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, No. 08–511 (D.D.C.), or for any other purpose.

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