Finally!!! Fracking is seen as the danger it is. GO SCOTLAND!!!

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?We have so much wind and wave power that it is retrograde in the extreme to lend any support to the fracking industry.?

Environmental groups from around the world applauded Scotland on Tuesday for its decision to ban fracking,following an overwhelming public outcry against the practice – and called for the United States and the rest of the United Kingdom to follow suit.

The Scottish government held a public comment period in recent months on fracking, attracting about65,000 responses – the majority of which came from people in communities where the natural gas extraction would take place. An overwhelming 99 percent of Scots who participated were opposed to the practice.

“Fracking will lead to an increase in pollution and the decimation of parts of the Scottish landscape and environment,? wrote one respondent.

?People will feel even more devalued as a result of…

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