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Our Right to Speak Out for Justice!

Join us this evening as our guests, Lawrence Lucas and Michael Stovall return to the USDA Hour to discuss the deplorable political atmosphere in Washington D.C., and the continuing abuses of the US Department of Agriculture under successive administrations.

Every effort has been made to work with this agency to improve its effectiveness and fair treatment of all those who are engaged with it. Instead of improving, it has become a liability to the public at large and most specifically, to those who are minorities farmers or employees.

That a federal agency has been allowed to engage for decades in discrimination in employment, available programs, and other areas, we question the reasonableness of the continuing of funding to this agency and to its very existence. USDA is another federal agency that is infamous for its retaliation against whistleblower’s.

This is not a right v left issue. This has gone on through various administrations on either side of the illusion that exists in the public mind regarding politics and political party’s.

USDA coalition of Minority Employees https://www.facebook.com/pg/USDA-Coalition-of-Minority-Employees-295492347132367/posts/

Lawrence Lucas was the former President of the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees, beginning in 1994. His career as a government employee began as a political appointee during the Carter Administration. He retired after 32 years of service.

Michael Stovall of Alabama, Co-Founder and Leader of the Independent Black Farmers Association, who has been instrumental in bringing attention to the institutional failures of the USDA and DOJ. Mr Stovall will talk about the continuing neglect and worsening of agency failures within the USDA that have worsened over the years under many administrations, including the current administration.