Chuck Frank, Penn Valley



“Then the inner workings of the compass will finally produce the true direction that the people and this nation still longs for and ultimately needs to find.”



As of late there has been a lot of pointing the finger and talk in the mainstream news about “white supremacy.” What we have here is one more bone thrown out for the masses to chew on, all the while, politics becomes business as usual. American’s elected a black President for the first time in their history and riots did not happen. Why are there riots now? Did the previous administration and the mainstream news lay a foundation that was a political agenda which was meant to divide the nation and pit various races against one another for a purpose driven endgame?

White supremacy and its roots have been around for centuries but it is now part of the NWO establishment.. Some fifty or so years ago the establishment was only considered to be those who were pro business, stock market players and high rollers that lived in uptown gated white communities, and were suave country club golfers, drinkers and American flag wavers.

However, the establishment and the white supremacy factor, took a turn and became those progressive players that are now the new white supremacists and who are none other than the NWO banking elite which includes the Rothschild’s, the Rockefeller’s, the Brussels bunch, those leaders of the EU states, Silicon Valley’s corporate lords and the rest of the politico’s who are generally white and discriminate by placing themselves above the crowd and other races. One does not need a crystal ball to determine just who the rest of the major players are and what positions they have held while being either President, the Speaker of the House, or Chairman’s of various Congressional committees. Their aim is to unravel and shred the U.S. Constitution and usher in, under the radar, pure tyranny for the “good of the state” but still call America a “republic” while it is bound in chains.

But for now, it is not only the new white establishment that seeks to turn a multicultural America into an EU type of member state. The new establishment is still bent on adding millions of dollars into their own bank accounts while furthering their ultra supreme agenda, which in the end will place even more money into the new establishment’s coffers who will then sacrifice a sovereign people and a nation by placing America on the Marxist chopping block. If allowed to happen, freedom will become but a faint memory of the days gone by while SWAT teams will then rule the country.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are guilty of feeding into the monster and the new establishment, while abandoning the moral issue. Only a few persons within those parties have voiced their total displeasure with the ugly direction that has been created which supports turmoil and chaos at every turn, thereby causing division wherever it goes, yet again, for the sole purpose of ushering in more control and a centralized, Marxist government.

Divide the country through the educational system and then through propaganda which the mainstream media uses with deception and lies in an attempt to conquer America when the country is chaotic, desperate and faltering.

Once people begin to know the truth, it is hoped that they will carry the torch of love and freedom for one another. I do have tremendous hope for America and I believe that in spite of all of its ills there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For starters a new foundation based upon a moral compass must be built and once it is laid, everything else will fall into place.

Should not peace, love, joy, hope, patience, self control, and prayers be those precious stones that will be laid and used to change the course of America? Then the inner workings of the compass will finally produce the true direction that the people and this nation still longs for and ultimately needs to find.