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marcelWhistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit  in Washington D.C.

Guest: David Grogan, Federal Marshall (Ret.)

Candidate for Prince George’s County, Maryland Sheriff 2018

David Grogan has been a whistleblower’s guest in the past. As a result of being the Named Plaintiff in a Class Action Law suit, Mr. Grogan faced domestic terrorist style reprisal attacks which eventually cost him his distinguished law enforcement career.  After 24.5 years of service, an impeccable record and numerous awards, certificates of excellence, letters of recognition, Mr. Grogan faced the horrific reprisal by the Department of Justice United Marshal Service Office of General Counsel Joe Lazar, supported by legal representatives from DOJ.

 Dave is an avid supporter of “Community Policing” which he believes starts with playing a part with youth development. Dave is committed to training his entire staff to be community oriented public safety officers who will be very proactive versus overly reactive. Proactive starts with community policing. Dave believes every effort should be made to hire within the community. He believes that community outreach “cadet” programs are essential to community policing.

 David also clearly understands the need to support and or create more effective re-entry programs and employment opportunities for ex-offenders when placed back in our communities; and the need for more programs geared towards mental health awareness.

David J. Grogan
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