Stop Florida Free Kill Statute

VIA Debbie McGraw Sowden: My Father was killed by a local hospital. The full story is on my website. What they did to him was horrific. I vowed to do what i can to raise awareness of this unconstitutional law. Doctors and hospitals must be held accountable for their actions and cover ups. Two Daughters – Florida Free Kill/Wrongful Death Advocacy… *P*E*T*I*T*I*O*N* Plz sign & share! TY!~ UnspokenVoice.Org and Dad’s Daisies have joined advocacy forces

Florida Statute 768.21(8) Denies the majority of Floridians their constitutional right to petition the court for grievances and preserve life when wrongful death occurs in a florida medical facility Together We Will Amend The Wrongful Death Act – FL Statute #768.21-(8)…  Two Daughters – Florida Free Kill/Wrongful Death Advocacy Group