Marti Oakley

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Report on the Whistleblowers Summit

First, we would like to thank all of those who came from far away places to attend the summit in support of our panel. We had seventeen states represented and 73 supporters in attendance that we connected with and now have as firm contacts. We were also able to socialize outside of the Summit to a great extent and formed many new partnerships and supporters which included many from the DC area who may be able to help in bringing attention to the issues we addressed.

Our panel was well received and I personally was proud of each of my panel guests who represented not only guardianship abuses, but also:

Danny Tate spoke to the conservator abuses, using his own experience as a backdrop. The audience was stunned listening to this articulate, talented and highly successful musician and songwriter, describe how an ex parte hearing that he had no notice of, had in actuality declared him to be insane. The result is that ten years later, even though the conservatorship supposedly ended, the attorney’s from both sides are still collecting the royalties from all of his music, while Danny has been left with virtually nothing.

Brian Kinter from the Judicial Accountability Movement (JAM) gave one of the most impassioned talks about the corruption of family/divorce courts, and most especially spoke to the damage caused to his children as a result of being subjected to this system predicated upon the destruction of families for profit. Brian’s young son Zach had accompanied him to the Summit. This young man made such an impression on attendee’s that he now has his own fan club!

Michael Volpe, one of the few nationally known reporters who has diligently reported on the abuses of families, individuals and children caught in the trap of family and probate courts revealed the end results of these tribunals that have destroyed so many lives. Michael is known most for his factual, documented reporting on many of these cases.

The Result?

The result of our first ever panel on this destructive system was more than I could have hoped for. Invaluable contacts were made and we gained many supporters for our combined causes. The networking after the panel ended was most important to us. To know that so many people drove from across the country to attend the Summit was inspiring.

In spite of the onslaught of threatening texts, emails and phone calls to not only panel members but also to the organizers of the Summit, we prevailed. We were also commended for not participating and responding to these attacks which were described as “appalling, horrific and unprofessional behavior” by those who had witnessed the online attacks as well as those committed through personal communications.

With this in mind, I wish to thank all of you on behalf of our panel who supported us, those who commented civilly and positively to our efforts and who recognized that this was an opportunity for all of you to have your voices heard. Although the length of the panel was only one hour, the rest of the day and evening was spent networking, meeting new contacts and meeting face to face with people who had previously only been a voice on the phone or in an email. For me personally, This was an overwhelming experience as I know it was for our panel overall.

In the end

We wish to thank Marcel Reid, Michael McCray and the MISC committee for giving us this opportunity to have the first ever panel on the abuses of guardianship, conservatorship and family court abuses. This was an important first step in recognizing nationally this corrupt system that is destroying so many lives. Please visit the Whistleblower’s website for more information on the Whistleblower’s community and all the activities there.

Also remember that this Summit is free, open to the public and anyone may attend. It has been presented as a free to the public event to make sure that those who make the trip to attend are allowed to attend without the additional expense of admission fees.

We will keep you all informed of future updates on these issues.