(With thanks to Dr. Tony Hall for posing the question)

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                           Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


  With so many abrasive strands apparent these days in the noose now synched around our neck, there is a rule of thumb I believe is true and applies: “If there is a noose around your neck, you can be sure it didn’t get there by itself.”

Recently, I got into what turned out to be an aborted debate online with a fellow named Brandon Smith, a sort of guru or online prophet of a New World Order to be sprung on us in due time. I responded to a warning he posted to that effect, characterizing the NWO as a “full-spectrum destabilization of old world economics and geopolitics.” I answered that the forces, major tendencies, and key players of the NWO are already here, and we have already started experiencing the dream, decidedly for the worse. In very many respects, the NWO is here and now.

His answer to this surprised me. Paraphrasing, he said “No, the New World Order will be incomparably worse than anything we’re experiencing now.”

To which I replied that the insults of the mailed fist could get much worse as the noose tightens (to mix metaphors) – or not. But the authors and the various strands of the wrongs to be endured were already largely set, and the applicable question might be whether a fetus (and I personally perceive we’re at least way past that stage) should be considered human and formative, even if not yet wholly developed.

And, to this, I didn’t get any answer.

Strands of our induced vexing plight, not all strictly recent as elements of NWO strategy currently observable, thanks to the perpetrators of the New World Order, who are perhaps just warming up their act, could be said to include the following:

* Heroin carefully mega mass-cultivated now under the direction of NWO agents (US/NATO military) in Afghanistan is being mega mass-marketed at quantumly-enhanced prices established through quietly-participating Caribbean banks and processed psychopathically marketed by pharmaceutical giants via handsomely paid-off massively over-prescribing U.S. doctors to lucratively and murderously clear depressed regions’ human underbrush (so considered). The result on the ground is reported as the “opioid crisis”, attributed to situational depression and unemployment, and billions of dollars of public money are being appropriated to battle it medically. Which is why the U.S.-Afghan War never ends. (Here think England and the massive, diabolic, externally-imposed opium epidemic in 19th-century China. That roundly-dismissed old political swashbuckler and outcast Lyndon LaRouche was dead on in identifying Queen Victoria, a top NWO forerunner, of the very bloodlines, as the greatest illicit drug pusher in history. At least until now.)

* The NWO’s military component, the U.S./NATO military, is not only missioned (most likely by the expansionist Nazi-fascist Zionists of the Rothschild fiefdom of Israel along with the intractable U.S. neocons inhabiting the NGO elite Council on Foreign Relations, illegitimately practically in charge via their allegiance to Israel and profit-making war, of U.S. military deployment) to dismember and destroy in sequence all Muslim Middle Eastern countries however ancient or robust. (Lebanon and Jordan are the latest future victims prominently mentioned. The second part of this intentionally unequally waged bevy of operations is to inflict hordes of the surviving residents of the countries leveled and uprooted as clueless droves on the nations of the west, particularly those in Europe, to destabilize and infuriate their home populations through spreading frustration, anger, rampant crime, and social problems in order to spread still further social disintegration, foster opportunities for false-flag terror,  and stimulate demands for radical solutions by governments and their forces of killers.

It would appear from released data the election of the avowed nationalist Donald Trump has largely spared the U.S. from this indigestible onslaught; but there remain occasional media-quieted reports of sizable numbers of undocumented strangers being “resettled’ here and there in our midst or in unexplained transit anyway, mysterious even to state and local government employees. In this and other respects, policies inimical to the current administration continue as before, backed by displaced ideologies.

*We have found through repeated bitter experience that we have governments over us that in no wise ever serve the interests or desires of the run of the people governed and are totally unresponsive to their demands and pleas. That shunt them around, often shooting or teargassing them when they stand up in despair to protest their situation. The federal lawmakers, once installed, are obviously kept obedient to their masters (and unresponsive to us) by one or more powerful means, perhaps their main uniting principle, in point of demonstrable fact, being loyalty to a foreign power, Israel.

So, the question becomes, how is this clearly purposeful, really baffling degree of diverted loyalty achieved and maintained? My surmise: virtually all credit and purchasing power issues from a western monopoly over the fluid form of same accorded to very largely Zionist-controlled institutions of world central banking. There would be virtually no campaigns, inaugurations, or political salaries apart from that. And, as if that by itself weren’t enough, a strong plurality of non-Jewish federal lawmakers, I believe – and credible testimony increasingly affirms my observation of late – are expertly recruited and promoted according to their susceptibility to or tolerance of global sex trafficking and pedophilia, promoted by same. This, along with usually subtle death threats and efficient ways of carrying them out if necessary, extending to selected legislators’ families and social circles, is enough to keep them “honest” and obedient to the agenda.

Participants in the industries that are auxiliary to the military function of the NWO’s apparatus (owner investors and employees of the equipment, munitions, and military service industries, and recruited technical research firms and attached individuals) are respectively kept loyal to the process and overall mission by access to extremely lucrative contracts and thus, in effect, their loyalty and moral tolerance is bought – accounting for majorities “with the program”, however compromising and odious objectively, in whole regions of the country. And so, the mental health of the U.S. and allied nations, including judgment of fellow human beings abroad, is, perhaps permanently, seriously and seemingly inescapably impaired by the skewed economy supporting killing and war – the diversion of resources largely accounting for the basic manufacturing bust in the U.S. – along with darker values required and strongly reinforced as explained.

*Control of Wall Street, the professions, lower-echelon banks, insurance, and the communications and entertainment industries by the same entities serves to facilitate, and disseminate and promote the controllers’ messages to the controllers’ victims and, at the same time, very instrumentally reward the key renderers of these services rendered to the controllers and insure their loyalty, sometime unconsciously.

*“Our” governments and intelligence services have been revealed by numerous “leakers” to consider the public outside the first perimeter of bought and fear-induced control described above as “the enemy” in a thus occupied nation, or nations including the U.S./Israeli “allies”. And with reason, because it is in these “outsiders’” or “nativists’” interest to actively resist the exercise of control over them and opt instead for once more-widely acknowledged and highly valued Constitutional rights and the longed-for privilege of living their lives unmolested.

*A plethora of secret activities by spontaneously-multiplied government agencies, mostly designated by indecipherable acronyms in place of names, and sometimes their existence beyond secret, affects every facet of our once natural and cultural environment. Included are unsought and secret monitoring and chemical, legal, and psychological intrusions of every sort, daily. Such have become, while not exactly accepted, at least expected, and in their totality, acquiesced to by a population that has just grown weary and yearns for reprieve.

*And no doubt numerous other examples and categories of abuses conforming to the “controllers’” agenda could be cited, including in the education field.

So then, who are the “controllers”, and in what ways are they distinguished from we the people?

One who is intimately familiar and has given us a glimpse inside what he knows of their world and of their techniques, the Dutch whistleblower banker/financier Ronald Bernard, says that roughly 8,000 to 8,500 connected individuals run the world, and that visible figures like the Clintons, President Bushes, perhaps Henry Kissinger, who we in the U.S. reflexively tend to connect with the top of the NWO, are in fact second- or third-tier acolytes.

Now, I ask you this: thinking of a small city of 8,000 to 8,500 inhabitants or households near where you live, how do you think things would turn out if the affairs of the town were firmly directed in an undifferentiated fashion by all 8,000 to 8,500 of them? The prospect becomes something unimaginable, because there could be no firm hand, no cohesion or consistency of direction. But if we say that a definite sufficiently small subset of these had the deciding voice and the others were consciously charged with seeing that the mandates and directives from the very top were successfully carried out in accordance with known principles and pre-arrangements, using controlled and disciplined human and material resources to serve the objectives set forth, that could be an effective configuration.

The principal means of operational control exploited down the line have always been fear – physical fear, fear of loss, fear of retribution. Who are the world’s regulators, “controllers”? Look to the order of central bankers, who control the wherewithal of all and direct procedures and events to produce and promote the outcomes desired.

For suspects for the probably shared operational role of global “unitary executive” (to borrow Dick Cheney’s I’m sure carefully-chosen term) – look perhaps to the board of the Bank For International Settlements, which is the central bankers’ own bank among themselves, ensconced in the literally boot-shaped “Tower of Basel” in Basel, Switzerland, on the border with Germany, strongly connected to the Rothschild-chartered Bank of England in the infamous City of London, touted as big brother of the FED in the United States.

The main acolytes (the 8,000 to 8,500 or so) – look to the membership of the British Round Table, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, probably the American CFR. The topmost operationally deliberately keep themselves mostly in the dark relative to us as to their identities and coordinated agenda and means – which remain, remarkably, progressively consistent and hidden over time and across most of the world. Realistically, only those who share uncontested substantial ownership or custodianship over the means of universal control (i.e., financial) could claim a place in its directorship, rendering other theories pertaining to the identity of the New World Order’s “controllers” doubtful.

Alternatives available to their iron-fisted tyranny over us? Well, some move to New Zealand or Costa Rica to get away – though not for long, I presume. Better to coalesce, to decide and doggedly insist en masse on our own agenda – and prepare to sacrifice if necessary to realize it. A determined little girl in one of my published novels, The Bells of Autumn, insisted on having an ox like Paul Bunyan. When no one would listen, she threatened, then cut her finger off. And got the ox. Now, she wants a lion. In real life, Polish farmers quite seriously threatened to simply commit mega mass suicide by forcefully impaling themselves on their pitchforks (halting agricultural production), and thus avoided forced Soviet collectivization.

The “controllers” of the NWO keep their identities as such concealed out of fear, I suspect modeling themselves, perhaps not consciously, after the “angelic” or “heavenly hosts” referred to in 17 places in the Old and New Testaments, said to anonymously exercise custodianship over unlimited means. In the Christian New Testament (Romans 8:28), the assurance to believers is that “all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to his purpose.”

The NWO “controllers” and initiated top acolytes comprise a demographically miniscule remnant of humanity (reminiscent of early Christians in that way) that ordinary humans know sketchily by, among other names, the “Illuminati”. Anecdotally, they are reputed to self-consciously embrace a heretical, literally Satan-worshipping perversion of the more general Judeo-Christian creed, accordingly turning the above and like religious tenets on their head, promising and efficiently seeing to it that all things work together for bad = death and destruction, deceit and perverseness at the behest of them that serve the devil and are called according to his purposethey being the elect to be saved and live free on earth, and eventually throughout the universe. They self-consciously constitute separate ancient bloodlines, said to share a distinguishing blood type.

Hence, their rituals are reported to include incantations and such elements as human sacrifice, blood and other bodily substances, and the grossest abuse of children – for which there is a vast worldwide traffic, in large part among the wannabes and other psychotics.

It’s all stupid, of course. The only unusual means these lame souls have are money and the deadening it brings in excess. And the point of both agenda and mock religion seems to be to reject and obliterate everything we have “known” to control absolutely a new creation from a new beginning, a New World Order.

But, as I stated before, if we the people can decide explicitly what we want instead of their deluded tyranny, and become so determined to have it, they cannot successfully resist. Because, united we are irresistible. (Check what finally ended the Vietnam War). If we can assert substantially in united fashion before they act to lethally (and very likely suicidally) engage their remaining already determined other major impediments to securing global rule, Russia and China – alone rendering our chances of success questionable. Barring that cataclysm, the struggle will be our determined will against theirs. And we the people can prevail.

JH: 7/29/17