Join us this evening, Monday July 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Whistleblowers! Is presented in co-ordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers Annual Summit in Washington D.C. July 27, 28 0f 2017

Danny Tate and Marti Oakley

Join us this evening for a live broadcast from Washington DC!  (30) minute segment.

We will be discussing the upcoming Summit and what we hope to accomplish while there.  We have several meetings to attend prior to our panel on the 28th and hopefully we can return with some good news for everyone caught in this trap. 

Thank you to everyone that has shown their support for all of our efforts here.  It was great to know that we have that from you.  We have already been asked to consider doing another panel next year to expand on this issue and to keep it in the public eye. 

Again, thank you for your support!  We were overwhelmed with the response we got to getting this panel on guardianship/conservatorship and the misuse of the judicial system that facilitates it.

Danny & Marti