On Thursday, July 20,2017 Senate is voting to make the slaughter of horses for human consumption legal in the United States. The American Mustang and Wild Burros will be the first hit, as approx. 100,000 are slated to be slaughtered with the passing of this Bill.

Americans must stop this from happening, both for the sake of the animal as well as the debt that we historically owe the wild and untamed Mustang. America’s culture is deeply rooted in the Great American West. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Bronson, to name just a few, had their careers shaped by the Western. Ronald Reagan, the star of many a cowboy film, became the President. Throughout all of the years of tradition, runs the Mustang. Today, it’s very name has come to stand for freedom, dignity, and unbridled passion for life.


With age, This Mustang increases in value….(Obviously, positioned around your car)

Why doesn’t this one? (Obviously, positioned around horse)

Please….don’t let it end with the legal, wholesale annihilation of an American Icon. The Call to Action is Now! Dial this number to Speak to your State Senators and Reps (202) 224-3121 Press 1 for Senator then put in your zip code -to STOP the defacing american values. Can call 24/7.. After hours leave message. Our Voices Do Matter!!  Takes Teamwork to see any *V*I*C*T*O*R*I*E*S*

You can say, “As your constituent, I urge you to please do all you can to prevent America’s wild horses and burros from being slaughtered.”