Modern “Progressivism”: The Globalists’ New Inquisition


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                        

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


To this world’s associated Globalists, NWO, Neocon warriors (with other people always doing the fighting, paying the bills, paying the ultimate price), pan-Middle East Zionist Supremacist iniquitous ubiquitous meddlers: Here’s a proposition for you. To wit: If you would like to legitimize your plan and global enterprise, to get us all on board and knowledgeably behind it, why not just spill it out honestly, ALL of it, so we can all of us either vote it up or down?

Include your cherished borderless one-world idea (which sounds so inclusive and embracing, magnanimous) in your proposition. And, for sure, include radical population reduction – that’s a nice feature of the plan as it’s frequently leaked – to clear away the human underbrush of “just eaters” that’s due to continue to grow like Alabama kudzu, and do no one much or any good at all – by first rendering more of us redundant by your perfecting of robots and AI (artificial insanity), your cyclical and perpetual wars, induced chemical poisoning in various forms, sowing chaos and banning of indigenous, non-dependent food supplies, planting of hatred, discord, and desire for revenge by fake narratives and innuendo among us worldwide. By destroying our up-to-now mostly-civil elections and stealing our natural, constitutionally-guaranteed liberties per creative excuses, fostering utter dependence on your stinting largess with our money and your claimed monopoly on violent redress against people we never heard of by bilking us of our earnings and scaring us to death of shadows, our neighbors, bearded, heavy-accented men in caves, and ourselves, and through legitimate fear of late of knocking our lights out and ending our ability to obtain food, fuel, find safety, and communicate via facilitation of revenge attacks on our power grid, and ultimately, likewise, “bungling” us terminally into several of these slick and sick remedies at once by taunting leaders in cultures with different understanding about “preemptive first strike”, or by actually indulging in nuclear war yourself if you think it’s coming first. Yes, you’ve got a thousand ways to terrorize us all – so far by now beyond those flimsy little box-cutters!

I don’t suppose you would at least let us choose our own fate, would you? More

Being a Vaccine Heretic in the Church of Big Pharma

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Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD


“The real power of the media is the power to ignore.” Big Media censors out or distorts scientific facts – especially the inconvenient kind – and then helps its partners in crime to smear and intimidate anybody who challenges its interests. Heretics are not welcome. Ask Andy Wakefield, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and the hundreds of other American whistle-blowers for justice that have been made radioactive.”


Definitions below have been obtained from a variety of open-source online sites – and then edited to fit

Big Pharma is the pejorative term given to the vast number of multinational (global) pharmaceutical corporations. It takes no Hippocratic Oath, does not insist that its sycophants give fully informed consent when their products are prescribed and it ignores the Precautionary Principle, thus affirming the sense that it has no concern for the health of its users or the health of the planet.

Big Pharma’s corporations make up the most profitable industry on the planet. According to US surveys, its executives are also among the most despised multimillionaires in America – just behind Big Tobacco and Big Oil. It is the industry that has the largest number of salespersons (who try to induce/bribe physicians to prescribe their increasingly unaffordable products that usually have no long-term safety studies performed prior to launch, especially when taken in combination with other of its drugs).

Big Pharma spends the most money of any other industry advertising their products on TV and print media outlets (trying to make prospective patients demand getting the prescribed from their physicians). This industry hires the most highly paid lobbyists in Washington, DC (many of whom actually help write legislation that favors itself at the expense of patients – who are at the mercy of the medical establishment that prescribes its products).

Critics of Big Pharma often use the Big Pharma nickname when addressing this partial list of its well-documented abuses: More

The Vision: A Creeping European Dytopian State 1984 Revisited

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Chuck Frank


While Brussels reveals their clouded vision for a European army to supersede Nato, Theresa May is blocking the EU Army plan, according to European diplomats and says “no” to using Great Britain as its launching pad and headquarters.  The idea of a unified EU military force has long been discussed but Theresa May is allegedly standing in the way of the army taking another step towards completion.

The EU is desperate to establish a Military Planning and Conduct Capabilities (MPCC) unit but amid rising tensions between London and Brussels, the project has thankfully been stalled.  The EU plan would be tasked with setting up EU military training missions in Somalia, a failed state riddled with terrorist activity.
In spite of the Brussels setback,  the EU is still positioning itself to overtake the U.S. in becoming the greatest Orwellian society in the western world.  While there are a few EU countries that resist, under the pretense of having to deal with the terrorist threat, certain European member- States are beginning to voluntarily surrender their power to a dominant EU political body, which is meant to erode national sovereignty and now EU leaders wants to have a continent-wide police force to “defend everyone” from incoming terrorists.  It is the greatest Trojan Horse of all time while the masses are allowing this to be done in broad daylight. 

Say goodbye to the free state.

America, are you awake?

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