Chuck Frank

Let’s set the record straight for a change.  Yes, it’s true, fake news is happening in America but it has actually been around for years.  And let’s not forget most news is only reported not actually investigated.  There is a huge difference.  Investigative journalism takes a back seat to mainstream news, however, investigative journalism is so very different than the mainstream media(MSM), which generally seeks to find truth without bias through credible means and sources.  Through greater investigation, lackluster news stories or under the radar agendas may be exposed while the public will then benefit by clearly seeing events as they unfold  through a more credible lens.

Taking the news question a lot further, the masses through the years have truly been fooled by the MSM which, on a regular basis, stands guilty of being responsible for something else other  than fake news and that is “unreported news”, which limits the readers ability to analyze stories for credibility and content.  But why has this happened?  It is because the news today is far more packaged secretly, and differently than it was in previous years, while there is collusion between these news organizations, political parties, corporate elite’s and government.  Transparency in today’s world has given way to news executives who either hide or also withhold the news to benefit their own relationship with sponsors, world players and the

History clearly showcases how far the MSM has come from being a protector of information that  was meant to inform the public of important events as they happen, to biased news organizations that often omits key facts in a story.  Here is a case in point.  Let us compare two very important but different events that had to do with premeditated murder.

In 1970,  4 protesters, including 2 women were murdered at Kent State by members of the National Guard.  This became a story coupled with hot outrage by Americans and the news media which included, a New York Times headline, “4 Kent State Students Killed by Troops” while Life Magazine sported its cover with “Tragedy at Kent”, and Newsweek’s cover was titled, “My God! They’re Killing Us.”  The massacre was unjustified and seen as such.  Government was in hot water and being held accountable by the MSM.

But in contrast, in today’s world,  how did the MSM react to the Oregon Refuge standoff  with Ammon Bundy and friends who were protesting the lack of property rights and the massive agenda of federal overreach over public lands?  One of the members of this group and a main spokesman by the name of LaVoy Finicum was murdered while traveling with a group in a vehicle to a meeting.

Yet, on this occasion the MSM was is in bed with the police state and did an about face while the FBI did a coverup while nobody knew where the multiple shots came from that killed Finicum?  That’s outrageous!  Yet, a video shows where the shots presumably came from but the media became silent?  Then, investigators were concerned that they could not account for the shots apparently fired by an FBI agent that left a bullet hole in the roof of Finicum’s truck while at the same time none of the FBI agents took responsibility for taking shots.

All and all, what remains very evident here is that the event and the murder which was “covered” by the MSM was seen as “justified” even though not one member of the Bundy group fired a shot.

After looking back at the Kent State massacre, just fast forward to the Oregon refuge shooting and we see the stark realty of media coverage that has changed considerably since 1970 but in 2016 the MSM was not outraged over an incident and a murder which began as a protest.?  Thus, by under reporting that standoff, the MSM once again stands guilty in allowing the police state to take one more step towards tyranny while our sacred freedoms and our property rights remain in the balance.  Let’s not forget, not one shot was fired by the Bundy group.