Chuck Frank


Brussels, the worlds agent for tyrannical change now bristles at the thought of losing any more ground while attempting to convince European states that multiculturalism and open borders is the answer to the worlds ills.  Actually it is just the opposite and the Czech Republic has now joined Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in defying Brussels mandates and quotas by refusing entry to those potentially violent immigrants coming from places within the middle east.

Though the Brussels grand plan is crumbling for it has brought much chaos and cost to Europe, all along, it was still a Trojan Horse to be made up of an EU army partially supported by the UN to “keep the peace” and usher in more centralized control because of the chaos they created.

The Brussels banking elite and their Bilderberg group plan for world domination, for now, has seriously been dealt a blow, not only by the Brexit, but by the defiance of other EU member states who may also be ready to make their own exit.  For the record, it is not hard to see that the Brussels multicultural endgame, all along, has been meant to destroy the sovereignty of the EU nation states in order to set up their own tyrannical rule of the New World Order.  And where might one ask, does America fit into this equation with all of its regulations, mandates and the rising police state?   

In the EU model, the democratically elected sovereign states would be overthrown by the Brussels cartel.  Yet, how did this postage stamp of a country, Belgium, become so powerful and was even able get this far in their hopes to rule the world?  By connecting the dots, all along it has been the rogue Rothschild bankers and their ruthless associates who’s scheme was to control the world through the bondage of interest rates and ongoing civil unrest and wars.  Since then, they were able to accomplish much of what was on their sinister agenda which only took a few centuries.  Even so, Thomas Jefferson  told us not to get involved with these horrid Brussels bankers and their secretive associates but his warnings went unheeded.  

As for the EU Commission, it is so desperate to keep their ship afloat that they are planning on fighting their own member states through the courts.  So this is what family does when there is a falling out between its members when a divorce seems imminent?  Just as Nigel Farage of Great Britain nailed it squarely on the head one day when referencing the failings of the EU. before the Brexit took  place. 

“It’s time for a divorce.”