by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                    

  Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


  Back when I was new on this earth and arriving in town in a yellow school bus, the better part of a century ago (gulp), there was a program that came on our black and white TV in the late afternoon each day called “Captain Video”, in which, as I recall, the main characters were served by a robot name of “Tobor”, “robot” spelled backward – clever. And the whole galaxy seemed to be ruled by an ordinary-looking man of advanced years called “Commissioner Carey” (or “Carry”, or “Kerry”), who departed from his what must have been grueling schedule from time to time to make an appearance in the main characters’ spaceship to co-conspire or weigh in on some particularly tough problem confronting Captain Video and his faithful co-captain, “the Video Ranger”.

And that’s basically how the topmost promoters and beneficiaries of the globalist model of one-world government, now increasingly referred to as the “New World Order”, envision the entire earth being guided and regulated – by a few eminently-qualified (read wealthier than Croesus, sympathetic only to the needs of a house-broken and neutered planet or galaxy, and psychopathic and technocratic to their fingertips) commissioners with an adequate number of assistants, preferably convened and led, ipso facto, by a silent and secret supreme “unitary executive” to keep the whole shebang, the whole full-spectrum program, on course. Meanwhile, the billions of human individuals, or, if the pruning deemed proper had already taken place, the mere millions to be managed would be managed for the beneficiaries’ advantage and convenience. The latter wouldn’t complain, being rendered or conditioned to be mentally or constitutionally incapable of doing so, electronically, chemically, and misinformationally. As you can surely tell, we’re well on our way to that.

Their (meaning the billions or millions of human individuals’) active participation, thoughts, desires, work, talents, if any, would rarely if ever be needed or drawn upon, because there would/will be about a trillion Tobors around to serve the overlords. So, why worry about feeding and sheltering slaves? Maybe keep a few for diversion and a reminder of their (the eternally machine-convergenced master bloodlines’) transcendent, flawlessly eugenically rendered, mentally-advanced comparative perfection. That, to my reading from here, is precisely their (the masters’) cultist dream and driven aim from infancy on, and has been for generations: for their kind to subdue and rule all.

To be a bit more precise about just who all’s involved in making all of this happen: prominent bodily organs at the beck of the NOW for the purpose familiar to North Americans (and note that not every action of a scoundrel is necessarily 100% negative all the time) include, as assets or committed to lead-pipe predictable cooperation with the dreamers/cultists/controllers and their purposes and principles, include the US and NATO military structures commanded primarily through the Pentagon, the quietly operating Shadow Government of the US, in conjunction with the CFA, British Roundtable, etc., the world Central Banking structure, prominently including the Federal Reserve, City of London, Bank For International Settlements, the large private banks associated and, to an extent, all commercial banks, “national security” structures, such as NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5 and MI6, Mossad, etc., the “defense” and military procurement and weapons industries and contractors, mercenary armies both foreign and domestic, the operationally-controlled communications and publishing industries, most prominently the owned wire services (AP and Reuters), broadcast networks and news syndicates, the pharmaceutical, chemical, and insurance companies, energy companies, the law enforcement and legal systems, political party apparatuses, ever increasingly the educational structure and its controlled and cooperating institutions, the philanthropic foundations, plus, some would say, particular religious and socially-interactive institutions and structures, among others subsumed. All these normally respond to mandated programming directives. The NWO’s avowed, targeted, enemies include anyone attempting to think or act outside or contrary to the current control or decisive influence of the above.

And now, let me repeat: they (the elite dreamers/cultist-controllers) are getting perceptibly ever closer to realizing their dream – you have but to be alive and awake a few hours of the day at this juncture to see it. All manner of things that were forecast, back in my long-lost Captain Video days, as “coming someday far off”, are, horrors and forsooth, coming to pass every day now, with the process and its thousand sub-processes perceptibly accelerating as I write this.

Today’s world, so full of conflict, blood threats, misdirected, heartless, vainly-justified mass-homicide and total destruction to produce conformity and line accounts, can be viewed as a gigantic rug, largely subdued and glued down in the middle, but hopelessly rumpled out toward most of the edges, which the controllers/ascendant masters-to-be keep striving relentlessly to flatten out and secure to their convenience and liking resorting to the most ruthless means, including pyrotechnics, chemical agents, and – indeed – carpet bombing, frantically calling in secret armies of evil agents to assist, which they then deny, outrageously misidentify, and blame for ostensibly resisting the invasion while they were in fact allies. And the locals stand just as fiercely and persistently for as long as they can in opposition. The shadowy pack leaders at the top of the pyramid and their lieutenants will direct and do anything to fulfill their wishes on every front. Which may be why decent westerners avoid knowing, rather than standing for what’s right. Then there are the Russians, a stain the dreamers plot to remove.

Our own resistance to the longer, subtler onslaught here at home, meanwhile, due to Americans’ and their European allies’ long and gradually-heightened demoralization and browbeating, by comparison, is as nothing. Absent an amazing rallying, by this stage, certainly light years more than our feeble and temporary election-day mutiny and spiteful tantrums following, we’re finished, and almost ready already to receive the implanted chips and indestructible, soon-to-be ubiquitous militarized Tobor-type local commanders and conditional providers and whatever may follow.

Am I joking? No! If we put it all together, that’s what the likes of you and I can discern lies ahead from the information ferreted by responsible and diligent alternative and, to an extent, even regular media now. Steadily approaching, even looming. For, such is, it surely seems, our promised estate from globalization –our crumb from the dream and promise out of all the unholy, ever accelerating death and mayhem and forced servitude and dependency we now see happening everywhere, if we can bear to look. Our old, good earth and most hope are gone.

Globalization, anyone?

The formative administration of President-elect and President Donald J. Trump initially appeared to many to be “rogue”: opposed to and deliberately countering globalist purposes. How we can for real go about reclaiming and preserving our freedom in this sea of single-minded predators, if we will, is another story.

JH: 6/6/17