2017 June 4 from G. Edward Griffin  
Video Premier

In the next few days, we will announce the premiere broadcast of a video docu-series called Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie. It features some of the world’s top scientists, researchers, and journalists who soundly reject the theory of man-caused global warming. Thirteen hours of intense programming that will jolt even the most adamant believers.

This topic is high in the news as a result of President Trump’s announcement that the US is pulling out of the UN climate agreement. If you are wondering why there is so much pushback against the theory of global warming, here is the answer.

This program was recorded in December of last year at the Third Congress of Freedom Force International. Those who attended now have their albums, but this is the first time the DVDs will be available to the public.

Follow the link at the end of this announcement to learn about program content and to sign up for a free broadcast of the series. Nothing will be omitted from the broadcasts.

After each of the five episodes, you will be invited to purchase a DVD album of the series for permanent reference and sharing with friends, but that is not required. There will be no sales gimmicks. You will not have to hear: “But wait! There’s more.” We hate those just as much as you do.

There is, however, a straightforward offer attached to this announcement that should interest you. It is a pre-broadcast discount that will expire on the day the free broadcast begins. We know that many of our customers and subscribers want this album now. This offer is for them. So ….

1. Click here to see program content or to sign up for the free Internet broadcast. You will receive a link that will allow you to view all of the episodes.

2. Click here to see program content or to acquire the DVD album at a deep discount. When placing the order, enter coupon code EARLYBIRD to receive an additional $10 off the already heavily discounted sale price. With thirteen hours of riveting information, the album is an excellent value at the retail price of $85, but it is yours for $47 with the pre-broadcast coupon – even less if you want two or more copies. This offer expires at midnight, June 11.

3. Do both.

Don’t forget. This pre-broadcast sale ends on June 11.

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