The Foods We Consume Might Actually Be Killing Us



Dr. John Reizer

According to many health care experts, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay healthy due to the types of foods we continue to consume as a society.

Food additives such as Aspartame and MSG (Monosodium glutamate) are believed by many to cause irreparable harm to human beings. Despite the large number of warnings coming from scientists and doctors, large corporations continue to oversee the lacing of our foodstuffs with harmful chemicals.

Aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener, has been classified by some doctors and medical researchers as a neuro-excitotoxin capable of causing harmful lesions within the human nervous system. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and former professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is one of the physicians that has publicly stated his views about the dangers of this product.

Aspartame was introduced into food products and soft drinks, around the world, by the pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle during the same time frame that Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary of the United States, was the company’s acting CEO. Later, Searle was taken over by Monsanto, a corporation believed by many to have very close ties to the CIA.

Monsanto, a developer of many controversial products, is a major producer of genetically modified organisms/foods (GMO’s). The average human’s diet is thoroughly littered with GMOs. It is certainly reasonable to assume that the large increase in the number of autoimmune diseases throughout the general population is directly tied to the world’s population embracing so many attenuated foods.

Based on statistics that clearly demonstrate a decline in our nation’s health over time, and a core understanding, centered on common sense, that altering the genes of various seeds could preclude the human body from being able to discern between a food and a poison, one could connect-the-dots and come to the logical conclusion that GMOs are quite dangerous.

Unfortunately, the level of danger we face, when it comes to GMOs, is unknown. Genetically modified seeds are protected from all forms of scientific research or review. Companies that produce these products have licensing agreements that legally prohibit the testing of their seeds by any scientific body.

In addition to GMOs, it’s been stated by many experts within the farming industry that patented herbicides and pesticides are to blame for many of the diseases people around the world are now experiencing.

We are certainly a product of the foods we consume and so when one takes a closer look at the true lack of quality embedded within our food supplies, it’s easier to comprehend why modern society suffers with such a high number of health challenges. It’s time for people to understand that the foods we consume might actually be killing us.

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  1. sivtiger
    Jun 06, 2017 @ 19:22:39

    It’s confirmed.

    Health & aged care scamming personnel follow the lead of diagnosis & legal swindeling drs, psychologists, social workers & attorneys who intentionally defraud medicare to gain access to toxic scheduled substances & lead/push/bully healthy property owners onto poison endoctrine system, nerve & axon/meylin sheath damaging toxic manufactured/sceduled substances to diagnosis scam/swindel as illnesses/disorders to secure their living.

    Their involed in,

    medical, legal & judicial document defrauding,

    break & enter/tresspass to steal/distroy victims/witnesses incriminating evidence,

    violent poisoning, kidnapping, assaulting & torturing cartel activities,

    & justify/rely on poison damaging away the health & quality of life & money of their meal ticket property owners & their families for a living.

    Protecting my & your loved ones poisoning/assaulting & torturing incriminating related evidence against/from these medical/legal defrauding & violent stalking, tresspassing, robbery & murder corrupt cartels alone is very VERY hard but worth it when it enlightens vulnerable families about their loved ones medical/legal swindeling mistreatments & saves them from these criminal medical/legal fraudulent, assaulting, robbing & homicide profiting (with a psychotic smile as they do so) personnel/cartels.

    I haven’t found anyone in the med/legal community who can be confided in or trusted.

    All they worry about is being reported & found out that they are really involed in diagnosis/legal defrauding, poison assaulting, torturing, robbing & murdering cartel activities & escaping medical/legal transparency/criminal charges.



  2. sivtiger
    Jun 01, 2017 @ 17:31:36

    Federal treason charges for corruption conspiring politicians, doctors & lawyers radicalizing govt legislature to remove civilians rights to govt owned/corporate property to abduct, poison/assault subdue, rob, homicide poison murder & do with as they please.

    That’s the old, NAZI passing corrupt legislature & GESTAPPO enforcing discriminating/segregating/abducting/poisoning/robbing & killing their victims & families laws for an alleged “respectible” lliving TRICK, to hide their crimes & victims.

    Today’s MASS GRAVE ATTROCITY VICTIMS are spread throughtout communities instead through individual berials.

    All of these targeted victims/property owners are going through the same assault & robbery abuses & are being murdered in the same swindeling, brutal poisoning & physically assaulting & neglected, criminal intent way.



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