Chuck Frank


This story is a hard one. It began in California with an 80 year old mother who in good faith loaned money to a friend but after the papers were signed, she and her son James had been fleeced by a bait and switch move to where a good portion of their property was lost in the shuffle.

It is an elder abuse and fraud case that just won’t go away, and since the mother has passed, the son who is now 80 years old, inherited the tragedy. It reads like a novel to where ruthless and dishonest players, for a long time had been the standard in Nevada County which included administrators, a judge, County Counsel, Code enforcement and finally a band of attorneys who James Butler had been heartlessly defrauded by.  Yet for now, there is new hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

Placing this story in perspective, a sandy beach by the name of Lander’s Bar is an extension of an old mill site where James Butler has lived for a good many years.  This included 40 acres that was bought adjacent to his mining claim which is still disputed by his ex claim jumper friend, plus the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which is looking for their own piece of the action. And where is this all leading us. It is taking us down the road to the projected 28 million dollar Lander’s Bar, gold mining claim which lies where the ancient Yuba River and Deer Creek comes together. Miraculously, Jim Butler’s property was skipped over during the gold rush and was never mined because of a gigantic flood that happened a couple of years after 1849. And still to this day, all of that gold still rests 23 or more feet down in the earth.

While Jim Butler’s fraudulent friend had conspired from the start, there were also attorneys who later took on the case, and were positioning themselves to take Jim Butler’s property which also amounted to a huge conflict of interest. But in the meantime Jim Butler found a trusted legal assistant who took on the case and who is on a mission for justice and is helping James regain his property which rightfully belongs to him.

Now these players who are many, will very soon be seeing an injunction and a notice given to the Office of County Counsel which was served with a writ of injunction to place a stay upon the eviction of James Butler. With that said, the conclusion of this entire matter will then be the reassignment of the title of the property back into James Butler’s name.

Finally, the story of this elder abuse and also the fraud which transpired along the way is of such a magnitude that after the waters are parted, the unalienable rights of the people of Nevada County will once again ring with favor and new life.

When the people are set free, they are free indeed.