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Whistleblowers! Is presented in co-ordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblowers Annual Summit in Washington D.C.

Hosted by Marti Oakley

Our guest:  Sean Higgins

As reported on FOX News, a Memphis VA whistleblower has faced repeated episodes of retaliation and harassment perpetrated by the administration at that facility.  Even so, Sean Higgins continues to eexpose the ongoing abuses at that facility.

Most recently, the facility police have patted Sean down in front of his union representative and proceeded to post Sean’s picture at the facility and claim he represetned a threat.  To whom?  To what?  And since when is it an administrative duty to threaten, harass, attempt to intimidate an employee for speaking out?  And when is an administration so far out of control, so derelict in its duty’s, that it has time to mount as attack on an employee?

Sean will update us on the current conditions of his employment under what appears to be a rogue administration that should be immediately terminated and replaced with individuals who might not abuse their position in such a manner.  And we, the American public, are paying for this?