by James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     What if you lived in a town and had an implacable enemy for a hundred years and counting who lived over on the other side of town, who you always found it handy to blame for practically anything that went wrong? And though this sworn enemy went around heavily armed, because of your ceaseless, unstoppable blood threats, oaths, and warnings, you managed, through extortion, bribery, and theft to pay for the frighteningly expensive high-caliber weaponry that you expect would not only most certainly take him out – or alternatively convince him that you kept it cocked and loaded perpetually with full intent to use it to blow him away, and so would see fit to surrender and submit to living as your disarmed, groveling servant, turning over his uncommonly rich store of goods for your use and enjoyment? What would be most likely to happen if such were the state of relations between you and such a primary designated blood rival?

According to your calculations and intel, discharging your powerful weapon toward him would end his life or, if not, so devastate him that he couldn’t retaliate. Either way, you could safely appropriate his chattels, which suits your intent. That’s what you’ve counted on, kept as a sort of open secret for years.

Of course, in the real world, you would simply end up in the slammer, or worse, if you let slip that you contemplated something like that. But, we’re talking about pipe-dreams, delusional thinking, here, not the real world. And at least as likely, in this surreal realm we’re couching all this in, if your studiously-maintained nemesis could see, plain as day, that you were not only louco, but malouco, and what you were up to, would he be likely to ever in a million years roll over and trust you to be his kind and merciful master in a master-servant relationship? Of course not. In the world, real or not, he would, simply and obviously, not wait, but take you out first, with horrible weaponry probably the equal of yours. (Or, who’s to say he couldn’t, just as easily, have his agents anonymously plant a spate of dirty bombs in your yard and all around to rattle and poison you in the meantime? Nobody’s even mentioned that equally likely possibility of late).

And, if your chosen enemy had a friend or ally, a third person, endowed also with similarly-deadly weaponry to yours, they would likely come at you from opposite sides, probably not even taking the liberty of delivering you a warning or ultimatum, before you had a chance to surrender or back down. And, if you managed to blast away one of them, the other would, by agreement, still be there to take you down and destroy once and for all your generations-old crazed fever dream to destroy your last remaining opposition and commandeer your goods, just as you did with the goods and cash flows of lesser rivals previously. Those, I believe, are the likelihoods. That’s precisely the insidious meaning of nuclear madness. And it also describes without a doubt the imagined path to final, unchallenged, limitless and endless global supremacy that’s forever tantalized the cult-not-to-be-stopped in ultimate command today’s misguided west: gamble preemptively on either winning or taking down all. So flawed, and so very tantalizing, given or through conjuring a pretext.

Don’t you see the analogy? When I and other critics, such as Paul Craig Roberts, bad-mouth America and the American (and beyond) financial-military-political-media-industrial tightly controlled elite for its psychotic, evil invisible-by-design string-pulling leadership and even far-worse incredibly short-sighted lack of both charity and judgment, this is what we’re talking about. The whole kit-and-caboodle should end up in the slammer for their autonomous actions and provocations. But for one problem – there’s no one to put them there. Not that the world wouldn’t like to, seeing as they’re bloody, arrogant hooligans.

The unempathetic ruthlessness of that elite, in finding, demonizing, and putting usually much-weaker, less-developed segments of the world’s people living the best way they can in a long pre-planned sequence of countries, through a prolonged blood-sausage-making process is sheer evil. Punctuating the gruesome scene by hundreds or thousands of deadly bombs visiting pain and excruciating (and nearly unmentionable, unreal) foreign death is unspeakably evil. The fact that such is often conducted clandestinely and by sustained assaults of false-flag trickery, utilizing specially-recruited and controlled murderous “crazed religious” armies of false-enemy hellion mercenaries to do the barbarous ground work, evil. The fact that such hellion false-enemy allies are used as well to effectively frighten the hell out of this separate elite’s hardworking countrymen (us), into funding perpetual far-away war-making that is also sending millions from the invaded countries scurrying for their lives through no choice of their own to wholly unbefitting and unreceptive destination countries that are likewise frenzied and maddened into becoming accessory participants and advocates of US wars for the overthrow and requested destruction of targeted countries only compounds the despicable evil. And all this unrelenting horror is carried out perpetually now just for the trillions in it for them, the titan elite, who receive not only the copious public financing of their wet dreams, but the benefit of all of the filthy spoils of their consequent actions. How much more despicably evil and objectionable can anyone possibly get or be than that? And the American people themselves, in general, observers often state, are mild and reasonable, honest and well-meaning, and seemingly forever gullible.

True, others perhaps by the billions hate America for the acts mandated solely by our largely-hidden rulers in firm command. Why wouldn’t they?

In fact, what it’s going to take to turn this picture around is for Americans en masse to start opening their eyes, start re-opening their minds, and themselves learn to loathe, as others elsewhere do, not themselves, but what their leaders, elected and otherwise, are doing, perpetually now, to maintain the deep, inflowing pool of our wealth (along with that of others under siege) in our case siphoned from the productive work of the generality of Americans by this heightened tax diversion and suppression of other priorities route and other shenanigans not all so remunerative, leaving us and our country in neglected near-ruins and we, the richest nation ever on earth, in desperate financial straits.

When we justifiably in unison disdain not our country, but that our country’s all-but-universally loathed and needlessly awful hyper-aggressive imposed style of political economy, as much as others elsewhere already do (and we’re now overwhelming turning off and tuning out the media which feeds us their duplicitous message), at that point things can change. That is, if we’re still here, having survived to enjoy the fruits of the change back (in fact, enormous ahead) to a productivity-, instead of a tottering currency-imperialism-, death- and debt-fueled economy.

Any rebuttals?

JH: May 1, 2017