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“Under the deception of protection, Danny Tate was robbed of his freedom, family, home, livelihood, assets — and the trust he had for the justice system which protected itself and nearly destroyed him. This horrifying case of on-going injustice illustrates the urgent need and speaks loudly for the national call for reform of unlawful and abusive conservatorships and guardianships.”  Elaine Renoire-President, NASGA (National Assoc. to Stop Guardianship Abuse)

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Hosted by Marti Oakley

Danny Tate returns to the show!  Big things are happening in Nashville as the trafficking of human beings through the probate system starts to crumble.  As most of you know, Danny is/was a highly successful songwriter and composer in Nashville, targeted by his own brother for exploitation.  The brother, with the help of some really twisted legal experts,  nows lives quite lavishly on the proceeds of Danny’s work, continues to collect every dime he can get his hands on from Danny’s estate.

They stole his music, his home and ultimately his children from him, documented in his autobiography…Fugitive From Injustice available now on Amazon.

We will also be talking over the recent S 178 Elder Abuse & Exploitation Prevention Act that was floated out there on the public and misrepresented as a “fix” for elder exploitation by professional guardians, conservators and attorneys who abuse the system for personal profit.  If you thought this bill was going to impede the money train or hold these people responsible, you are sadly mistaken.


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