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Our guest tonight is Maurice Copeland a former employee of the Honeywell plant in Kansas City, Missouri.  Maurice will speak about the ongoing exposure to toxic heavy metals, elements and chemicals that employees were subjected to without ever being informed of the exposure.  Workers were not given haz-mat protective clothing nor advised of the dangerous conditions they were working in.  The resulting list of employees who became ill with various cancers associated with the exposure includes both those who are currently sick or have died as a result. A list of those employees as of 2010 is linked here:

As of 2015, it was reported more than 1,440 workers fell ill after working at the Kansas City Plant.

How many nuclear weapons are enough??

“The National Nuclear Security Administration announced that it awarded Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies LLC the latest management and operating contract for its National Security Campus in Kansas City.

The projected budget for management of the NSC is about $900 million a year, or about $9 billion over the next ten years, which includes options. The local complex produces the non-nuclear components for nuclear weapons. That includes the electronic, mechanical and finely engineered parts and components that are regularly replaced for maintenance to keep the nation’s nuclear stockpile reliable and ready at all times.”