Marti Oakley


It made absolutely no difference who won the 2016 presidential election. We can vote all we want, but the flight plan doesn’t change. We are being steered to a predetermined end with the only difference being which road we take to get there. This translates into …who will be allowed to profit most from the journey? We already know who will pay the bill.

Trump’s biggest problem was and is that he thought he was actually going to be running things…he’d be the “boss”. He’s obviously had his butt handed to him and now has back peddled on EVERY campaign promise he made. And we are just verging in the end of the first 100 days of his administration.


Here we go again. The threat of a so-called “government shutdown”. IF only that would happen on a level beneficial to the country. But it won’t. Nothing that affects the daily grinding of federal agencies as they mismanage employees, programs and massive amounts of money will be affected. Both houses of congress will continue to gather and to collect their pay checks, their golden fleece insurance perks and, bribery from special interests hand delivered by lobbyists. Of course, we don’t dare call it bribery; we call it “campaign donations”, “political contributions” and other euphemisms meant to disguise the pay-to-play business of government.

Checking a list of government agencies affected in 2013 and 2015, it is apparent that the only people and agencies affected to any degree, are low-level staffers and even lower level employees of agencies.

A sample from that list:

  • Vital services that ensure seniors and young children have access to healthy food and meals may not have sufficient Federal funds to serve all beneficiaries in an extended lapse.
  • Call centers, hotlines and regional offices that help veterans understand their benefits will close to the public.
  • And, veterans’ compensation, pension, education and other benefits could be cut off in the case of an extended shutdown.
  • Every one of America’s national parks and monuments, from Yosemite to the Smithsonian to the Statue of Liberty, will be immediately closed.
  • New applications for small business loans and loan guarantees will be immediately halted.
  • Research into life-threatening diseases and other areas will stop and new patients won’t be accepted into clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health.
  • Work to protect consumers, ranging from child product safety to financial security to the safety of hazardous waste facilities, will cease. The EPA will halt non-essential inspections of chemical facilities and drinking water systems.
  • Permits and reviews for planned energy and transportations projects will stop, preventing companies from working on these projects.
  • Loans to rural communities will be halted.
  • Hundreds of thousands of Federal employees including many charged with protecting us from terrorist threats, defending our borders, inspecting our food, and keeping our skies safe will work without pay until the shutdown ends.
  • Hundreds of thousands of additional Federal workers will be immediately and indefinitely furloughed without pay.

READ MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>The only so called services affected are those that affect various segments of the public. I suggest that for a shutdown to have any beneficial effect, agencies such as USDA, FDA and their sub corporations that operate under umbrella names also be shuttered. Believe me, the world wouldn’t come to an end if they did and we would all be much safer if both these agencies were put out of business, even if for just a short period of time.

As you can see from the list above, the government will gladly shut down services to veterans, the elderly and children ….but congress and agency heads will collect their paychecks without interruption.

A moratorium on government

So what would happen if both houses of congress were to be shuttered? Maybe we could all breathe a sigh of temporary relief. I dont believe there are many left in the public who do not cringe at the mere thought of either house of congress convening for the day. The general public has become so disgusted by the continual assaults on individual rights, the unconstitutional “laws” that are passed and the special privileges members of both houses believe they are entitled to that cost the American taxpayers billions, most of us would rather they just packed their things and went home and didn’t come back.

I have an idea. Lets close down NSA. The cost savings alone would be astronomical. Why we should be forced to pay a spy agency to spy on us, unconstitutionally, without cause or reason, isn’t this a definition of insanity? The very fact that NSA does spy on us continually is a clear indicator of just whom the federal government considers to be a terroristic threat. Its YOU, its ME!

And with all this unconstitutional spying, recording, documenting of every phone call, every word we write, every email we send or receive; the scanning in now of all snail mail, fusion centers which spy locally, drones, and cell phone eavesdropping, license plates scanners and whatever else they are doing to invade every aspect of our daily lives….if all of this is to protect us against some unknown or unidentifiable terrorist threat…….why is it we have had what they claim are terrorist attacks at schools, night clubs and other assorted places. You would think with all the info they gather incessantly no one would be able to commit such acts without NSA knowing in advance. This begs the questions:

Did they know?

Did they miss it in the avalanche of billions of pieces of useless information gathered continually? OR …and more likely ….

Were these in fact false flags meant to terrorize us into compliance and submission?

And now, unless we have special biometrically marked drivers licenses, supposedly we can’t board a plane. Why? They already know exactly who you are, where you are, and what you are doing at any given time but now they supposedly don’t know who you are when you buy a plane ticket? Really?

Will the real anarchists please stand up!

The anarchists you are told to fear, those who supposedly hate the law and government, are the very people who foist rights robbing laws on the public while exempting themselves from being held liable under the same laws. Isn’t this the definition of lawlessness? Of a rejection of government?

It seems to me the anarchists you need to fear have the words “senator” or “representative” in front of their names.

They are people at NSA and other spy agencies, who go to work every day and violate your individual rights by unlawfully spying on you for no other reason than they can and they get a paycheck to do it. And, they are the same people who are exempted from the very laws meant to protect us from exactly this kind of activity.

They are those in the judiciary on both state and federal levels who have declared themselves immune from prosecution for breaking the law, violating your rights and our laws, while on the bench.

These are just some of the true anarchists in our country. They reject the laws and government of our country and exempt themselves from being subject to it. To me, this is far worse than flying a Gadsden flag at the end of your driveway.

No one believes we should not have a government. We all know we need a limited government. What we do object to is bad government. And lord knows, we have an abundance of that.