Chuck Frank


It’s called the “new International Housing Authority”, aka, the IHA who is the self appointed lords of redevelopment and the demolition crew.”


     It would be a long song and dance for me to explain all of the ins and outs of a sinister plan by billionaire elite’s who are bent on destroying the very foundations of America and then rebuild it into an even greater slave state than it already is.  But here lies the real deal.  The primary plan is to take the world from a place of order to a place of chaos for the sole purpose of control, power, and more money in the hands of that 1% world elite  You see, when there is a lot of chaos, an excessive amount of control is needed for the “safety and welfare.” of the people.  And all along you thought that if more big government reined in your life for the sake of “safety” and for the “good of the whole” that you would be protected?  My friend, revolutionary movements that are sold on a progressive Marxist agenda will use doublespeak wherever and whenever it supports their world agenda.  The European Union is a bitter snapshot of an anti-nationalistic agenda that appears to be failing.  It is  an attempt to breakdown nationalism and cultures into secular conformity to where countries will have no history, no constitution, no rights, and no votes.

Clearly, we the people are in a cold war, soon to become violent, being spearheaded by an elite group which has caused this havoc by using followers that are programed into thinking in these terms.

Out with the old, in with the new.  And in the meantime, if the shoe fits wear it even if there are huge holes in the soles.  What holes may you ask?  Might it have to do with real estate?  Ask the Bundy’s.    If the government came up to you today and asked you for the keys to your house and told you that for some made up reason your house posed a “threat” to the entire neighborhood and that it would have to be torn down before a serious calamity took place, what would you do? You would either face the giant, one way or another, or would you bow down to the gods of the state, right?  This scenario is already happening in America.  It’s called the “new International Housing Authority”, aka, the IHA who is the self appointed lords of redevelopment and the demolition crew.  Yes, it is the wonders of the socialist-globalist state.  And if there is too much resistance to this new social class and no one wants to comply, chaos will arise in one form or another, and by design the sinister state will destroy itself through racism and political and religious divide and then a new country will be rebuilt to where a people will shut their mouths and submit to the de facto* agencies of the state and those unelected rulers of the Marxist order. 

You say you are not sure about this?

Just look around and see how the chaos is already beginning.  And it is a fact that much of it was purposefully done during the last administration and remnants of that administration are still working violently and attempting to overthrow this country and  a republican form of government.

But what is the moral compass that these groups follow?  Is the movement founded upon peace and love or is it founded upon political correctness which is meant to destroy the country for the sake of safety and the good of the whole?  Doublespeak!  All one must do is look upon the rotten fruit of these movements which began to take hold during past administrations.  If the protests were homegrown and not funded by billionaire elite’s, then show me that they were spontaneous.  From the research that I have found, they have been funded and organized by elite billionaires and their crony
revolutionary organizers. 

So where do we go from here?

Well, there is a wide road and there is the narrow road.  The wide road has a sign on it and it says, “We Are the World”, REAL ID REQUIRED!  The narrow road also has a sign and it says, “WELCOME, my good and faithful servant, NO PERMIT REQUIRED.”

*A de facto government is one that operates with all of the power ofa regular government but without official recognition.” (Merriam-Webster)

My take. 

A de facto government is one person or a small group of individuals who have risen from within to the top through a carefully orchestrated plan and a hidden agenda which is meant to have the appearance of a democracy or a republic but is in fact not either one of these.  America, take a hard look at yourself and see from where you have fallen.