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Guest:  Eric A. de Groot

My parents were liberated by American Forces in 1944. I have tremendous Gratitude for all U.S. men and women in uniform.

Hence my interest in making a difference for Veterans; We have been working on Veterans Village.

Mini America presents Veterans Village

Veterans Village Road Show [Operated by Veterans]

Furthermore, we have been working on building the first educational theme park in the USA. (Mini America) – It is our hope to include (& employ) veterans – [some] as Tour Guides.

Eric Alexander de Groot is a Global Educator and Entrepreneur.

Recognized by the Georgia Legislature in House Resolution 211: “Now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives that the members of the body commend Eric Alexander de Groot on his contributions on behalf of industry, trade and tourism and recognize him as an international liaison to the State of Georgia.”

Has received numerous awards and accolades from the City of Atlanta and associations as well as recommendations from Foreign Consuls and Corporations. Advisor to numerous US organizations on how to market, and sell their goods and services in The Netherlands and Europe.

35 years of experience, in doing business in the international arena, including importing, exporting and consulting, resulting in European businesses increasing their market share in the USA. This includes working with hundreds of retailers, Top U.S. department stores and fortune 500 corporations.