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Hosted by Marti Oakley

Our guest: E. Denise Caldon

Our guest today has waged a 20 year battle with the Veterans Administration as she has had to endure what is known as the “Hamster Wheel”  A system devised and implemented to keep claims circulating between regional offices and desks; stalling, denying and hoping the Veteran dies while years, even decades pass by.

Think your state’s senators or representatives will assist you?  Not a hamsters chance in a deacon box!  Join us as Denise talks about the frustration and outright anger she has experienced while being forced on to the “Hamster Wheel” to make sure her claims are never resolved as elected politicians erected their own obstacles and feigned ignorance of the issues.

From Commander John B. Wells:

Most veteran advocates agree that the key to solving the VA appeals problem is to eliminate the hamster wheel, where claims bounce back and forth between regional offices and the national level Board of Veterans Appeals. This intermediate appellate board acts as a clearinghouse for appeals. It was designed to provide an independent review of the veteran’s case in informal, non-adversarial proceedings. Unfortunately it has served as an illustration of ineptitude as appeals that should take months drag on for years.