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Sean Higgins returns to the show to report the ongoing retaliation by the Memphis VA against him and anyone else who exposes the egregious violations that occur in that VA.

Read the article  by Mike Volpe  Memphis VA whistleblower, attorney say hospital coercing him 

“It’s coercion,” said Joree Brownlow, the attorney for Sean Higgins, the Memphis VA Medical Center whistleblower who is facing a fourteen-day suspension for swearing at a superior.

The Memphis VA proposed waiving the suspension if Higgins agreed not to sue or take his case to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) and other agencies. Stated the proposed settlement:

“Should the 14 day suspension without pay be imposed, Mr. Higgins hereby waives any and all rights to file an MSPB appeal, EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) complaint grievance or other action concerning the charge and/or 14 day suspension.”

As CDN recently reported, Higgins is facing a fourteen-day suspension because he swore to a superior.