new-logo25by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                    

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“……Achilles-heel of international control in the US, which he recognized to be an enormous pedophilia ring, binding effectively the obedience of a crucial percentage of the government, including Congress members, recruited and run clandestinely out of inventive necessity by the Israeli Mossad (secret service)”


1920541_10152099827078863_1820056404_n1     How about a lollapalooza of a conspiracy theory – fueled by a little bit of evidence and more than a little bit of fairly-well-educated paranoia? With that all-too-rare admission gotten out of the way, here’s basically what I think is going on.

The world’s power elite – the really big banks, the Bilderberg, New World Order, the leading purveyors and masters of the Deep State – are more psychopathic, arrogant, and totally self-centered and unstoppably determined than anybody you would ever meet in a thousand years. And, these days, they’re unexpectedly alarmed and unaccustomedly frightened of being outclassed and left subservient and in the dust themselves not by a gaggle of a few thousand Arab terrorists they support anyway (presumably molded in cruelty somewhat after themselves) or even by revolting voters in western countries they thought they had long since pacified and firmly commanded. No.  But by an entity only sporadically in the news as such, consisting of medium-sized competing markets lately known as the BRICs, a loose consortium, oddly enough, of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. These four major countries, and slightly-smaller cohorts such as South Korea and South Africa, are steadily expanding their clout and productive, competitive infrastructures. And all of them are, but only to a certain extent, pacified and under the western financiers’ sway at present.

Yet, taken together, even that limited extent of control of the four and others is rapidly fading as they continue to expand exponentially, while the main western client states of the global central banks (US, UK, EU) are all alike approaching or in the midst of bankruptcy, due to deficiency of available fuel and steadily-deepening corruption. And such among the BRICs as Russia and China, recognizing their nascent advantage, have become immovable and unresponsive to their betters’ coordinated demands to stand down, even as the imperial west finds it imperative to dominate and mercilessly exploit them economically, just as it is accustomed to doing to the mediocre and small-fry, less-technologically advanced countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The Bilderberg / NWO elite has realized for a couple of generations that, at some point in the future, Russia and China, at least, would have to be dealt with and reduced to a reluctant clientage as well, and their material riches and, in the case of China particularly, labor and market for services subsumed.

Now, given the recalcitrance of both, China in the Pacific theatre and Russia flexing its muscles to contest the Middle East, and with the populations, viewed as consumers, workers, and peasants in the western homelands now rebelling against elite dictation, the time-table for action has been moved up. So, as suicidal as it seems to us in our induced stupor of half-contentment and full compliance as bidden, what these elite overlords goading us want now is a (of necessity) thermonuclear war with Russia, which they think they can survive and, thus, win, while they still can – now, the sooner the better. Even if it comes down to just them living in luxury in their hollowed-out super underground bunkers, they can survive intact to pick up the pieces and carry on, better without us.

And it may not even come to that, since their adversaries (note, not ours) know full well, from decades of reconnaissance, just how dead-set determined and psychotic they are, the adversaries just might blink, succumb without a fight, rendering surely-cataclysmic war entirely unnecessary. (There is a party operating in Russia, at least, that favors such a course).

Now, to relate the foregoing to the epic chain of events underway in the US, presently holding the world both spellbound and incredulous – the elite party across the spectrum, the neocons, blood-money US servants, clients, and some avatars of globalism, who are used to anointing our presidents and their cabinets in order to invariably get their way, have been outmaneuvered of late and electorally defeated, to their never-ending shock and alarm, by precisely the very public they have molded and groomed as patsies for nigh on seventy-five years. And while they stubbornly demand the onset of the major war described, the public and its upstart de facto champion, Trump, want peace and harmony especially with Russia, and, in the case of the public at least, with all humankind.

Hence, the made-up, patch-work election intervention controversy, with which to bludgeon Trump’s infant administration and lead to irresistible baiting of the still-incredulous Russians. And, so far, they’ve already picked off Trump’s top Russophile staff-member, General Flynn, and launched a spurious follow-up attack on Trump’s just-confirmed Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, based on – nothing but a big lie incubated and fed by the wholly-owned-and-controlled media.

Why go after the socially arch-conservative, seemingly puritanical Mr. Sessions? Because, it appears, Sessions is AG precisely because the newly-inaugurated President, Mr. Trump, realized early on that the key to defeating the merciless NWO acolytes in America was to finally expose to full public view, ruinous name identification, and prosecution the Achilles-heel of international control in the US, which he recognized to be an enormous pedophilia ring, binding effectively the obedience of a crucial percentage of the government, including Congress members, recruited and run clandestinely out of inventive necessity by the Israeli Mossad (secret service). And who better to break open the whole operation and end the squalid foreign control mechanism than the rabidly-righteous pit-bull, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions?

Then, what are the clues that favor such a conclusion, however uncertain at this stage? Among them: 1) Trump came out four-square against the base evils of “sex-trafficking” just the other day at a special conclave, vowing to cleanse America of it; 2) Such leading Republican partisans as John McCain and one or two others in the Senate have already even ventured overseas to denounce their own party’s elected president at top levels of leadership in Europe and among allied terrorist leaders in the Middle East, and not been reprimanded or disciplined at home; and 3) Sessions specifically has become the target of a vicious made-up campaign seeking his resignation and actually gaining, under pressure, his recusal from leading the investigation of the made-up Russian-Trump campaign connection – leaving the leadership of the same to an Obama-appointed acting assistant AG, because the Senate declines to hold a confirmation hearing for Trump’s own duly-nominated assistant AG. Meanwhile, the Trump campaign-Russian government connection, with no known evidence supporting it, is spoken of by the US media as an established fact.

What of Trump’s spectacular claim of scarcely two days past that it has come to his attention that the Obama White House ordered his New York campaign headquarters, Trump Tower, wiretapped, and thus illegally gathered the very useful information that has lately appeared as at least part of a long series of damaging administration leaks?

Well, even while records are said by certain credible and knowing persons to exist clearly showing that the White House applied for permission from the FISA court twice in the course of 2016 to wiretap Trump Tower, the second request being granted, with at least seven records of listening sessions existing, no less than the head of the FBI, Comey, has told the Justice Department already, late today, within hours, to reject the current president’s claims out of hand. All of which indicates to me that Mr. Comey is firmly under Deep State control. And even Fox News, which usually sides with Trump, is already, partly as a consequence of Comey’s directive, treating the question as more-or-less closed without an investigation or hearings. And now, not too surprisingly, talk of the high crime of slander on the part of President Trump has started.

Even so, wouldn’t the solid majority Republicans have in both chambers of Congress save President Trump from impeachment, at least at this juncture? The answer to that would appear to depend on just how many Republican members are open to exposure as pedophiles.

So, finally, why is it the elite of the NWO push so irrepressibly for unending, infinitely cruel industrialized, sustained mass slaughter and pillage now in the darkest and, up until now, weakest of alien nations? The answer: internationally, control and strategic access; for the US and its leading allies, unending massive infusions to the super-rich and their ventures of blood money, the fuel of capitalism.