OxyContin: Profiting from the Pain of Others

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Dr. John L. Reizer

It’s been estimated by some sources that 80 percent of all drug addicts begin their habits by taking prescription painkillers. For far too long, aggressive drug campaigns, pushing addictive painkillers, have been marketed by pharmaceutical companies directly to healthcare professionals and hospitals.

Lavish vacations to exotic destinations for medical professionals that included seminars on how to control the pain of patients through the use of prescription drugs have contributed to an epidemic number of people becoming helplessly addicted to opiates.

Imagine for a moment you hurt your shoulder in an auto accident and require surgery followed by a lengthy amount of rehabilitation. Due to the clever marketing strategies that have been previously implemented by pharmaceutical companies in the direction of healthcare practitioners, you might unknowingly become a drug addict.

Patients are now routinely prescribed highly addictive painkillers for extended periods of time in an effort to control their levels of discomfort and improve their chances of making a better functional recovery in therapeutic scenarios. In other words, improving joint range of motion in an affected part of the body is thought to be unlikely without the proper management of pain through the use of prescription painkillers. And one of the most dangerous painkillers that healthcare consumers are prescribed and have become addicted to is OxyContin.

According to Forbes, the Sackler family (Purdue Pharma) is the 16th richest family in America. Purdue Pharma is responsible for introducing the highly addictive painkiller, OxyContin to physicians and hospitals throughout America.

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  1. C. Frank
    Mar 06, 2017 @ 13:44:39

    Dear Dr. Reizer:
    I was stage IV cancer; non-Hodgin’s Lymphoma and I had a lot of pain everywhere in my body. I took VicaProfin 24/7 for quite a few weeks and never became addicted. However, when I went for alternative treatment with Dr. Burzynski in Houston I began taking his non-toxic pills,”sodium phenal buturate which are pills that target the cancer cells and cause cell death.
    In two days after taking his pills which are non-addictive, I was out of pain. That was back in 2002. To this day in 2017 I am cancer free as I just had a CT scan about a month ago. With cancer there are ways to avoid pain pills if a person has the correct treatment.

    Chuck Frank


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