Chuck Frank


So where are the protests? Is it just “politically correct” and “tolerable” for all of the lower 1/3 to pay more excessive taxes to Jerry Brown who is now the self appointed, deputy/controller and King of the great late State of California and will he later be
running for President of California if it becomes a new nation? This kind of idea has a very distasteful flavor and has a ring to it which is likened to our beloved KGB director/dictator, Valdimir Putin of Russia, doesn’t it?

Yes it is true. Jerry Brown likes taxing everyone down to the bone for his poverty stricken Utopian, welfare state, while living up to his Alma Mater standard. After graduating from St. Ignatius High School in 1955, he then entered Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit seminary. He later attended the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1961 before earning a J.D. at Yale Law School in 1964. Karl Marx would have been be proud. But let’s not forget, it’s not just the lower 1/3 who is footing a tax bill to cover a 179.5 billion dollar budget which is also meant to also cover 2.4 million government employees on “glorified welfare.”

On another note, lest we forget, Brown placed a rider on an earlier bill which the California State Legislature never even voted on. It is taxing the water of every last well in California with a smart meter. This is our phony representation at best. Meanwhile, California burns millions of acres of prime forest land every year and with Brown’s smoky crystal $$$$ vision for a new nation of California, will a new dishwasher and a smart toilet be included in his monthly tax mix even though the person may not have a well? Will these tax increases be used to shore up and repair the ailing dams of California before they all break and force millions of people in the state out of their own homes to where they are even unable to work and make a living? Or is a bullet train more of a priority so California can be more like China?

Jerry Brown is literally tax crazy and cares not for any burden placed upon the lower, middle, or upper classes. He is in a class with the rest of the progressive/socialist/commie extortionists who would just as soon burn the American flag and begin a new totalitarian nation, yet he would still be opposed to the State of Jefferson?

Gee, I just wonder what the tax rate would be in Jerry’s new CalExit nation, and who would even want to join up in the Cal/Crazy/Army to protect the new country?

Let me think, I know who.

It will be the alien, unvetted terrorists that came in from half a dozen foreign nations and who arrived here via UPS airplanes under the cover of darkness, and will be living in the new sanctuary nation, aka, the great late state of California. I’m definitely going to offer them all a good cup of tea and then gladly purchase a one way ticket for these brazen revolutionaries so that they can go back to the Muslim nation of their choice or even Afghanistan where they can find a good job picking poppies.

Now then, thinking about all of this, the new State of Jefferson is sounding better everyday.

Count me in.