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1779142_741581802541570_1637925020_nLiving in a rural agricultural community, I have witnessed first hand the devastation to the land and water from industrialized agriculture.  The other thing I have noticed over the years, is the dwindling numbers and kinds of wildlife, both large and small.  It is not uncommon to see major fish kills in rivers, lakes and streams, dead birds and small animals in large numbers around the fields of gmo crops.  The continual spraying of toxic chemicals to grow what is widely recognized as crops not fit for human consumption, is not to be stopped.

It only gets worse from here

Having done several Whistleblower’s episodes on my blogtalk channel “TS Radio”, the news that Sonny Perdue will most likely be the new Secretary of Agriculture does not come as good news.  Perdue, who is funded and backed by major bio-piracy companies most notably Monsanto, and others who are in the process of overtaking agriculture for profit, should come as no surprise. Just as Tom Vilsack was named to head the USDA as a result of being bio-tech’s hired hand, Perdue will secure this same position as a result of being named Governor of the Year by the Biotechnology Innovation Organization in 2009.  A title that indicated he was more than willing to put personal gain ahead of public safety and known threats to the food supply.

Given this honor by Monsanto, DuPont and other major bio-pirates was due to his pandering to corporate interests at the expense of independent agricultural producers.  Perdue will continue the assault on family and independent farmers and ranchers to allow the total corporate takeover of agriculture.

The result of all of this will be a food supply that is neither fit to eat, nor economically viable.  We are virtually there now.  Most of our food supply is so contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and known carcinogens, that it represents a direct threat to the health and well being of the public.  But so what?  Profits are all that matter, and an honorary title makes it all worthwhile.

And what about the disgraceful treatment of minority farmers and ranchers at the hands of USDA?  Do you think for one minute this trend in discrimination will be reversed under Perdue?  Do you think that he will clean up the back log of complaints concerning the biased treatment of white producers over those of color or of women?  I’ll hold my breath for that one.

Katherine Paul, the associate director of the Organic Consumers Association, writes this:

Trump’s Pick for Ag Secretary Has ‘Bigly’ Ties to Big Ag and Big Food

Perdue has no qualms about taking government handouts. Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports that between 1995 and 2014, he cashed in on $278,679 in taxpayer-funded subsidies for his various businesses. Will he be open to overhauling the current system which doles out $25 billion/year in subsidies (paid out mostly to large producers, not small farmers) for commodity crops, like wheat, GMO corn, GMO cotton and GMO soy?”(emphasis, mine) I highly recommend this article by Ms. Paul

The monumental battle Black and other minority farmers and women, have waged against the entrenched discrimination at USDA is about to become worse.  The way I see it, based on USDA’s own record of retaliation, intimidation, discrimination and threats towards those who have tried to blow the whistle on how business at the USDA is conducted, things are about to get worse.

In the End

If there are those in the public who still believe we have some purified form of representative government, if they still believe that we have a Constitutional Republic, rather than a corporation posing and posturing itself as government, your eyes are about to be opened to the truth of the matter.  What passes for government is actually a corporation that is contracting with other corporations against the public and at our expense.

It made no difference whatsoever who won the election, the corporate takeover of everything is entering its final phase and nothing and no one will be allowed to interfere with that.