The question: How were so many Americans just content with government doing it all for them while their individual freedoms just withered away and



   Donald Trump is a gambling man.  If he wasn’t good at it, he would have sold his casinos a long time ago.  Also, running for President was a gamble.  He knew about the risk but he had something that the other candidates didn’t have.  He knew a little slight of hand and then he pulled out his trump card.  After he was elected he showed us that he also had a few things up his sleeve.  Though he is now the President, he is not a king as kings are not elected by the people. They normally are installed by a former king or queen through family succession.  But for now, I shall place these ideas on hold for a moment so as to have a closer look at the history books. 

History reveals two sides.  Usually it is either the dark side or the light side.  So think about America as more light is shown on the following subject.

   Some may recall when communist Russia went into  the country of Czechoslovakia and forcibly took it over and then cleaned house. Eventually, Russia threw many of the protesters, dreamers and intellectuals into prison and Vaclav Havel the playwright and human rights activist was one such person who believed in freedom, but also less government and less regulations.  Here is what Havel wrote with regard to his reflections of his own country who had been invaded by Russia and lost its independence. 

Havel later on,  was released from prison and became President of the Czech Republic after the fall of the Soviet Union.  I quote.

 “The country is administered by faceless bureaucrats who profess adherence to a revolutionary ideology, but look out only for themselves, and no longer believe in anything.” 

 “Inevitably, through its own mindless, automatic motion, it gradually transforms those principles into a monstrous reality.  The ceaseless strengthening and perfecting of totalitarian structures has long since come to serve only as the naked self-preservation of power, but this is the best guarantee of what was genetically encoded in the original ideology which will then flourish undisturbed as centralism but it cannot coexist with individuality.”

   Now then, does Havel’s run on the ex totalitarian state of Czechoslovakia in anyway compare to the oppression and the characterization of America’s current  faceless federalization of the nation which also included the states and county agencies?  Yes, this is the hard truth of what America has become.  But for now the country appears to be headed into a transition that may bring about a new breath of fresh air with possibly the decentralization of power.  In the end, will the trump card be America’s saving grace? 

Time will tell.

What is  shown here focuses on last 28 years of federalization affect and this now begs the  question;  How were so many Americans just content with government doing it all for them while their individual freedoms just withered away and vanished?