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Sean Higgins returns to update on the ongoing troubles at the Memphis VA.  A recent incident that was captured on video shows yet another instance of VA workers beating a patient in the drug rehab center, severely.  Of course the VA is claiming HIPPA privacy laws to prevent the release of any information about the patient, and will not release the names of employees involved.  As you know, HIPPA has nothing to do with keeping patient information private for the patients sake.

Sean will also be talking about the “burn pits” and the resulting illnesses now surfacing in veterans.  While the VA claims that red eyes, coughing, difficulty breathing are only temporary, they also claim there is no connection to the contaminated air rising from those pits.  Burn pits include surgical waste, munitions, excess chemicals, and the ever deadly…..depleted uranium.

Please call in to the show if you have information on a veteran who is suffering from ill affects of exposure to burn pits.  We need to hear from you!

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