new-logo251_002by James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


1385158_209291655918646_190416358_a   The great division of mankind in our world is not that between Muslims and their allies and Christians/Jews (or, more inclusively, “westerners”). Even less between liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, radicals and moderates or regressives. No, The only meaningful split of historic importance today is between globalists (those who favor world despotic, top-to-base control ultimately by self-chosen leaders, often shadowy, predestinated by incomparable wealth and established connections, and anti-globalists who favor each individual being reliant in so far as possible on his/her own mind and participating together as full citizens. Globalists and anti-globalists: a clear distinction, growing clearer every day as the mighty forces of globalism – the corporate elite, major media, party organizations, first-line entertainment industry, government-reliant professions – fighting tooth-and-claw (and now, to a surprising extent, insanely) , backed by a goodly portion of the world’s wealth, to obscure the division and more-tightly secure their lofty niche in the hierarchy of the globe.

But, with people growing wise to their now-threadbare accustomed lies and deception, to the artificiality-to-unreality of all their control mechanisms short of lethal violence, they are finding they no longer have the votes to maintain their stultifying grip, the oppression of all.

But still, they try, foisting the old shells of competitive parties secretly pulling all or both for the same thing – to maintain themselves while controlling the populace. And it still works to a certain, dangerous degree.

Edward O. Wilson, the world-famous naturalist, posits, in THE SOCIAL CONQUEST OF EARTH (2012), that tribalism remains one of the most fundamental human traits, splitting populations of voters and potential enemies of globalism into two up to countless more-or-less irrelevant-content loyalty groups such as political parties, the widespread emphasis on which is useful to the toothless globalists because it both diffuses and confuses. Likewise, creating bogeyman packs of mercenary “radical” berzerkers, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, and pulling long series of false flag tricks such as from 9/11 and well before on down to today – including, according to historian Zeev Sternhell, Mossad’s puppet operation of Hamas in Israel – draws mass, unconditional support born of fear for the controlling establishment. But word is now out and about exposing all of this.

Brexit was the first serious manifestation of mankind’s “great awakening” rebellion. President Trump, who identifies his movement as part and parcel of world anti-globalism, and resoundingly, defiantly re-ratified this brave stance in his inaugural address last week, anticipates the electoral prospects of Maurine Le Pen in France, solidarity with Putin against American globalist imperialism, pledging to return control of the machinery of constitutional government back to the will of the people. (Why would Trump keep dangerously exposing himself, and why would the globalists keep foolishly committing suicide in going straight after him, if he was secretly their man?)

All the anti’s pledge to sweep the real deplorables and their age of corruption out.