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Hosted by Marti  Oakley

Join us this evening as Brian Kinter for the Judicial Accountability Movement (J.A.M.) returns to update us on the progress JAM is making in all areas.  The corruption of the judiciary is rampant and the “courts” are now used to facilitate parental alienation, the destruction of the family unit, and for profiteering at the expense of the public.  The one thing you won’t find in most courts is any semblance of actual law.

The Judicial Reform Movement (JAM) is gathering momentum!  Brian has first hand experience in the abuses of what is now laughingly referred to as our “judicial system”.  Across the country the abuses, corruption in what is supposed to be courts, is at an all time high.  As families, single parents, the elderly, the disabled become victims of what is nothing less than human trafficking conducted through this system, it is evident that we are being bought, sold and traded for profit by those who are enabled and protected by these so called “courts”.

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