Chuck Frank



It was the year 2030 and a good many of the old Climate Change scientists around the world and also noteworthy environmentalists were very active in proposing more of the taxpayer funded programs that would still increase climate change funding in spite of the
reversal of a warming trend that had given way to ice laden landscapes all over the world.   

    Yet, it wasn’t long ago that these same people were claiming that vast quantities of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, and methane along with factory farming and increasing exposure to heat had placed the entire planet on a collision course with Mankind.  Really?     

     In spite of all of the enviro-fanfare in those last twenty years u until 2030, mother earth didn’t do anything exceptional and just kept on spinning a bit faster than the mainstream media which was not able to keep up with the old Climate Change theory.

   By 2030, Lake Tahoe had been filled to the brim regularly over a period of thirteen years, while dams, rivers and creeks were nearly overflowing, and snow packs were at records highs on a yearly basis. So much so, was this thirteen year milestone, “climate experts” were now emphatically claiming that the earth had entered into a new Ice Age which supported their recent “findings.”  Consequently, the latest spin on Climate Change would now need a lot more new funding and government agencies to increase regulations, impact fees and fines to address the new and massive “cooling trend.”

   Now then, as stated by a new breed of post graduate university Climatologists,, the twenty year climatic event and impacts are projected to increase over time, with potentially devastating effects.  Colder temperatures, for example, would place further stress on humans, plants, animals and crops. And according to the Convention on Biological Perversity, colder climate change would now affect plant growth and production for years to come. 

Populations will suffer from a lack of food and millions of wild and domestic animals will starve to death. 

   The United Nations has called upon all countries of the world to come together as a “family” and produce a super fund that will save the planet. The chairman of the U.N. Climate Change Commission, Dr. B.S. Windgate has formally requested that he now have his own Lear Jet to
travel the world in order to drum up a lot more support for the new super fund. 

Those traveling with Windgate are none other than those same people who are part of the Biological Perversity group which is now claiming that the vapor trails coming from the Lear Jet are actually needed to warm the air in order to help planet earth get back to normality.

 And that’s the way it is in the year 2030 and beyond.  Happy snowboarding!