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Hosted by Marti Oakley

We will be talking about the Arizona VA and the lack of care for veterans at this facility, that resulted in more than 200 unnecessary deaths of Veterans as they were  put on wait lists and died while waiting to be cared for at this facility.  Each of our guests this evening faced retaliation from the VA for reporting the ongoing lack of care, including the threat of losing their jobs for blowing the whistle.

Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez
Enlisted in Army at age 17 and became a commissioned infantry officer
Also served in USAF Security Forces E6
Currently Chief of Specialty Care Clinics, Phoenix VA
In October 2016 the OIG published its findings confirming my allegations on the Phoenix VA dead veterans (more than 200) without care.
In January 2017 office of special counsel drafted a letter to the president confirming my allegations again, against Phoenix VA

Brandon Coleman is a proud disabled Veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Brandon has been a VA employee for almost 10 years as an Addiction Therapist helping vets to overcome their substance use disorders. Brandon is a noted Phoenix VA Medical Center Whistleblower who brought forth wrongdoing to the United States Office of Special Counsel on December 6, 2014 regarding suicidal veterans not being properly monitored and his personal veteran medical records being illegally rifled through by coworkers.

Instead of trying to fix the problems Brandon raised, the Phoenix VA instead wrongfully tried to fire Mr. Coleman, accused him of threatening coworkers and sent him home on leave for 460 days.  During this time his highly successful Motivation for Change program was shut down, he had an illegal gag order placed on him by the hospital director, he testified before the United States Senate on September 22, 2015, and even had a coworker at the Phx VA dress up as him for a VA employee Halloween party, mocking Mr. Coleman for being a whistleblower and disabled vet.