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You do not have the right to refuse to communicate with me,  or anyone else for that matter!


Recent attempts to contact various Federal level politicians regarding issues I have been working on were met with a request for my zip code and followed up with a message that because I was not in their “district” they could not respond to me.  I have some thoughts about this that I would like to share with all of you who help keep this arbitrary wall of non-communication between yourselves, and any member of the public, from anywhere, operating smoothly.

When the votes you make affect MY district, our finances, our lives, our natural rights and liberties… then you have an obligation to speak to me or anyone else that has something to say to you or who needs to hear from you about your voting record or your position on various topics.  Public PR pages do not equate to engaging the public.

When the votes and legislation you help pass affects ONLY those in your district, then please, by all means…limit your contacts at your discretion and “zip” away!.

“Zipping”, as it is often referred to is the system devised to limit input from the public.  This allows you, the elected official, to claim that:

  • No one told you (name your issue)
  • There were only a few who objected (and these are always kooks and crackpots, right?)
  • The overwhelming public consensus was with you, (you didn’t ask anyone)
  • It must be an isolated event, situation or objection, and,
  • You have to do what is right for those you represent. Really?

Remember that you did not obtain that federal level office to represent only those in your district.  What you do while you hold that office affects the entire country, not just your district. While I can see the benefit to you to claim that you are somehow prohibited from speaking with a member of the “zipped” public under some fictional construct, the intent is readily apparent.

You got elected and once you were in, you forgot who you are and where you can from and those who worked to get you there.  On the federal level, you are supposed to work for all America, not just the people in the district you came from even though it becomes very apparent you forgot them too.

Quote: David Frank

“Once they are elected, you never hear from them again.  All communication stops.  How can you represent them if you refuse to speak to them?”.