new-logo251_002By James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                      Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


cc43913c-e38e-47a0-98a4-1f2fd4b67dfd-medium   Why is the contemporary world so continuously roiled up and kept in perpetual high anxiety and loathing of others? Is it, as American and Western European exceptionalists and militarists have always insisted, that American and western “civilization” even before that are continually confronted by the latest designated diabolical enemy, always bent on destroying us good and peaceable folks and our kindly nation(s)? Such has been stoutly held and told us since at least the days of jolly old King Richard the Lionhearted, King Philip, the scourge of New England, on down through the Kaiser, Hitler and Stalin, Osama, and now Putin and ISIS (or is it ISIL after all?), Syria not being considered big enough for the role. Anybody, in other words, to keep the fear level and the “defense” levies high enough for us to “preemptively” terrorize the world and intimidate and harass our so-called friends, who surely know better.

I got to asking myself today what would be identified as the clashing national objectives of the world’s major countries and blocs that are presently so irreconcilable that they pose a severe threat to the lives of their own and each other’s hundreds of millions of citizens and everybody else? As I always do, I checked immediately on Amazon to see what books might be available expressing thinking on this new subject of interest. I was surprised to discover that, apparently, no authors had ever thought to frame such a fundamental question in that way. If countries absolutely can’t agree, to the point of terrorizing the world and themselves over whatever it is, in this age of highly-conceivable annihilation and possibly even forced or blundered human extinction, then what, precisely, is it that they can’t agree upon? In other words, what on earth could possibly be worth that much? Could it be they just really don’t care about anybody? Indeed, psychopaths don’t, we’re told.

According to U.S. sources, who claim that U.S. Defense Department armed forces really are all about actual defense against the never-ending list of diabolical enemies who strive to attack and tear us all limb-from-limb, the objective of Russia is world imperialism and, in particular, the overthrow of America. Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, insists that his country harbors no imperialistic ambitions, citing a flight of something like ten-thousand kilometers he logged over most of a day, spanning Eurasia on a recent visit to Vladivostok on the Pacific. “What in the world would we do with more territory?” he asked sensibly. A question worth pondering.

But, I think I know where the American government and controlled media’s charge that Russia has imperial ambitions comes from: projection. Projection of Washington’s own obvious ambition to rule the globe. That, and a misperception of the reason for Russia’s conflicts in recent years, involving the independent Republic of Georgia and the U.S. puppet state in Ukraine.

In both cases, Russia intervened to protect large Russian nationality resident minorities in those countries from abusive treatment by hostile, anti-Moscow regimes. Somewhat similarly, though on a far smaller scale, there are American expatriate populations living in a whole host of countries; I encountered such a community during my residences in Brazil in the 1980s and ‘90s. And I can imagine that the U.S. would react extremely forcefully if any such communities were being sharply abused by any host countries.

In the case of Crimea, which was not annexed forcibly at all, the local population was almost entirely Russian to begin with.

But those “interventions” or “invasions” are probably ingenuously regarded as imperialistic to justify punishing Russia for daring to push back against the presence of American missile bases and repeated war games virtually, in some cases actually, within sight of the Russian border almost all the way around. And then there’s the matter of spoiling our fun in Syria, and now, the “cyber invasion”. In contrast, does anyone remember what happened when the Soviets established just one missile base in Cuba, 90 miles south of Florida, in the early 1960s? (All the while, the U.S. quietly maintained a missile base in Turkey, just as close to Russia).

But now, the President-elect, Mr. Trump, wants to de-escalate America’s awful relations with the Russians. So, why worry? Because, my worry is that the American permanent “shadow government”, a prominent part of the globalist New World Order, or hidden world control system/cabal that instructs President Obama and selected his original cabinet down to the man and woman, and has insisted, with untold resources, that Hillary, their golden girl, be president, and still throws tantrums that that’s somehow not to be, remains securely in control of the U.S. geopolitical mechanism. And the President-elect’s life and fate are in their hands. And they’ve told FEMA to be ready to take over if asked. Enough said.